Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sausage Is Flavor

We have a bunch of Spanish chorizo in the freezer. The plan was to cook a paella outdoors on the grill.
It will still happen, but Cranky was itching to taste the chorizo.
I suggested white beans with herbs and garlic. Slightly soupy. Diced bits of sausage for flavor and color, and then handfuls of spinach leaves stirred through, just because.
Couldn't be easier. We cook beans a lot in this house, so that's never daunting. And these tender white beans cook up quickly.
Results? It was really good, but.
I hate to complain, and I ate a big bowlful.
I checked this out with Cranky, and...
It tasted like somebody else's food!
The seasonings in the chorizo came from a parallel universe: competent but not what I would have gone for. I don't know what spices were used, and I can hardly guess what I would have done differently.
That's the risk when you cook with sausage as an ingredient. Somebody else is in charge of the flavor.
OK. That seems petty.
I'll get over it, because we have a bunch of chorizo in the freezer. Paella coming up.


cookiecrumb said...


Greg said...

I would have thought chorizo would have been a great match for white beans.Keep on experimenting.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: No, it is a great match. It's just that I wasn't expecting some of those flavors. I would definitely have it again. (Though Jamie recommends not putting chorizo in liquid.)

Zoomie said...

The spinach looks blue in your photo! But that dish sounds really good. I'm a little bean-retarded - they do intimidate me. Need to get over that, as something hearty like this would be very welcome on these chilly days.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoom: Aw, the spinach looks normal on my screen. Sorry.
If you decide to get brave with beans, make sure your dried beans are fresh. Whole Foods has some lovely small white beans in bulk. First, do a quick soak: Boil some water, dump the beans in, and boil for a minute. Off heat, put the lid on and leave them for an hour. I like to cook beans in the soaking water, for about an hour and 45 minutes (depending on the variety of bean). Always add a bay leaf to the pot. No acids at all. Salt is allowed.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

You remind me, it's bean season!

Zoomie said...

That certainly seems simple enough. Once they are cooked, do you just eat them plain, or mostly add them to other dishes as you did with the blue spinach? ;-)

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Yes, it's bean season, but we manage to eat them year 'round. Luvs 'em.

Zoomie: Oh, you want to do something flavorful with the beans. Like the chorizo. Or in a chili. Just a little snuggling with good tastes, and a little meat is allowed.
I mean, put it this way. Do you eat plain beans out of a can?

SimplyStated said...

And it sounded so wonderful you think it would have turned out well... I am a big fan of paella,so I'll be checking back to see how yours turns out.

And of course she shows up in Iowa...she's a spotlight whore who is in denial of her 15 minutes of fame being done. Did she mention she can see Iowa from her backyard?

Zoomie said...

Simply Stated cracks me up. Love her "take" on the Palin menace.

cookiecrumb said...

Simply: It was OK, just "somebody else's." Good eating. Strangely, the chorizo is the only meat we'll be using in the paella. I saw a fabulous vegetarian paella and went ape. Of course, I'm adding meat. :D
You got Palin exactly right. Very funny. Now that Bachmann won the straw poll, I'll bet Sarah slinks away.

Zoomie: She's awesome, our Simply Stated.