Monday, August 15, 2011

The Colossus of Rhode Island

It looks like bangers and mash, but it's breakfast sausages and mash.
I found it a bit startling to pile the sausages right on top of the taters, but that's the way Cranky's mum always did it, and she was born of English immigrants. She used those little dinky link breakfast sausages, and arranged them artistically over the spuds. So he says.
Our breakfast sausages came from Chris Cosentino's Boccalone, and Chris credits his Rhode Island mother for the recipe, fragrant with orange zest.
Cranky spent much of his youth in Rhode Island, maybe even eating his own mother's loving creation there a time or three.
So there's a Rhode Island mothers links link.
We could have dressed it up with a little gravy, or at least a side of peas. (Nobody wanted to shell the peas.)
But it was really fun to eat. Especially fun with those juicy, squirty sausages making little bursts in your mouth with each bite.
Mainly, though, I'm just wild about the picture. It's such a naive, earnest plate of food. And Cranky did the arranging.


Zoomie said...

Okay, that looks seriously good. Vitamin C cunningly included, too.

Zoomie said...

Oh, and I saw the Buffet op-ed and thought he nailed it. Not sure why you are suspicious but this time I think he's right.

Greg said...

Why do I have the sudden urge to belt out a Rolling Stones tune? That is one wonderful looking breakfast. All I had was a half a bagel.

cookiecrumb said...


cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Thanks. I was afraid people would be grossed out, but there's something appealing about its plainness.

Buffett is in my sights, because after he grandly calls for tax increases for the super wealthy (they'll hardly feel a thing), he sets his sights on paring down "future promises," meaning, surely, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He'll chip in a few extra bucks, but then he wants to trim entitlements for poor and working class citizens. He doesn't care about the little people, he just wants a healthy economy so he can keep making obscene amounts of

Greg: Breakfast? Oh, good lord, no. I'd still be in bed. Wait, I AM still in bed.

kudzu said...

There's something really sexy about that photo -- and it's not just the suggestive shapes of the swassiges. Props to Cranky for prepping.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Thanks, Cranky is flattered!
Isn't that photo so plain, so yearning? (Well, that's what sex is like around here.)

Zoomie said...

Maybe it's the sexy pink cast to the photo that renders it sexy? Think flushed cheeks and shiny eyes.

kudzu said...

Dear Plain and Yearning (heh): No, it was the embrace of those soft potatoes by the sausages, sort of all wrapped up in each other, very kanoodling (sans noodles).

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I think this is the first photo I've ever posted to this blog without any post-production editing.

Kudzu: Yes, it's a very good cuddle, and sometimes that's all you want.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Bangers = any kind of snorker, breakfast, lunch or dinner :)
And I'd totally desire a load up of rich, brown onion gravy & a side of peas (from the bag, in the freezer because I'm too lazy to shell them at all)

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: We yanks know nothing about snags. A local grocery store carries a variety labeled "bangers." They were pretty good.
OK, yippee, I will go full-on next time, gravy and peas.

SimplyStated said...

Fork through the Screen! Fork through the screen! This is the kind of breakfast real people eat and if you decide to go for brunch instead you can have an ice cold beer with it and all is good.

As for Mr.Buffet,I trust him as about as far as I can throw Rush Limbaugh and we all know I couldn't heave that fat bastard father then the doorstep.

I don't care how much you tax the top 1% of wealthy people,it will not lower the damn deficit. What will lower the deficit is cutting the spending and everybody knows this....

The problem is how,what and who they want to cut and we all know who the lucky people they want to screw over are because we all know what they refuse to touch. So here is my response to Mr. Buffet.

My Top 10 for Deficit Reduction

1)Cut the defense budget(and I mean take a blowtorch to the thing)

2)Cut the oil subsidies(this time use napalm)

3)Get rid of the tax cuts for the wealthy (you know...the ones that HAVE NOT CREATED A SINGLE JOB IN THE LAST 10 YEARS)

4)Cut funding for Congress and Senate health care and overseas travel(let the bastards find and pay for HC for their families the same way the rest of us do and when they want a photo op in Israel let them pay for it)

5)Privatize the budget bleeding postal service.They have nickel and dimed me for stamps, bad customer and delivery service and creepy workers for how long now? And they are still broke and useless. This is actually something that is broke and needs fixing.

6)Tax religious institutions masquerading as places of worship When you are and raking in the dough due to TV deals,inciting fear and committing online fraud, you qualify as a capitalistic for profit organization.Religion was never meant to be a blue light special.

7)Stop funding the War on Drugs( legalize pot, stop locking up people because they smoke weed (since we can't even lock up people who kill other people)and stop conducting useless raids on drug lords whose empire continues on with the next in line.)

7)Stop the "Bomb and Rebuild Funding".Revamp the entire philosophy of "going to war." Because If we bomb anybody,it should be because we longer want them there,not because we care.

8)Stop the "Deadbeat Brother-in-Law Spending Program" Quit loaning suspect countries money they cannot and will not ever repay and who continue human right abuses.

9)Annex think I'm kidding right? I'm not. We own that damn country as it is and their government has been a running joke for decades.

Give them a deal they can't refuse.Hell, Offer to let Texas go,Dallas Cowboys and cheerleaders and all, no big loss there. We still have Memphis and KC for killer BBQ. We would no longer have any lame-brain Texas candidates running for office.

And we'd still have the same number of states that way. Pure Perfection.

I grew up next door to Mexico and all the money poured into border patrol has done nothing. Who the hell do we think we are still fighting to keep out? And why? The drugs?...please they are here and have been for how long? The workers? Our economy would collapse without them.

10)Fix our own damn country Mr. Buffet...take your money that you made off us and create some jobs. Fund education and the arts, help pay for infrastructure repairs and disaster relief. Fund intelligent environmental solution research and decent health care options.

Because guess what Mr.Buffet? You still can't take it with you when you go.

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

I like a lot of what SimplyStated erm, stated, but I don't think this country has the sausages to accomplish half of it peas or no peas.
However, annex Mexico? Um, no thank you. I more fall on the side of us going back to being an isolationist country, and wouldn't it be a hoot if we got back on the gold standard??

Anonymous said...

Loved the comment by Simply Stated, except the bit about Mexico. All the rest, I sign below... ;-)

as to the breakfast sausages, as a former foreigner, I've always wondered what makes a sausage be a "breakfast" type and not a "regular" type.

cookiecrumb said...

Simply: Mi blogga es su blogga!

Little Pots: I do the money under the mattress thing.

Bewitching: Funny about "breakfast" sausage, huh? I think it's a distinctive spice blend, a little sage... Very Denny's.