Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More Leftovers

The other day a reader said she was putting leftover beef stroganoff with a bunch of other flavors (including Sriracha, so you know it was good) into a tortilla and wrapping the whole mess up.
Tortillas. They are such a neat folding packet of carbs to stash other goodies in.
We had leftover Juan Saltando, our Latin-seasoned spoof on Hoppin' John. Mm! That would make a tasty burrito. Mix together the beans, rice, spicy greens and chorizo, toss in some chunks of cotija cheese (we subbed feta)... But. Maybe no tortillas... Or.
There was a pair of fresh poblano chiles in the crisper. We would make chiles rellenos, hold the greasy fried batter, and roast them in the oven until the peppers softened.
Poblanos: Nature's own tortillas.
(Verdict — good, even with no Sriracha. Those poblanos were harboring quite a picante secret of their own, capsaicin.)


namastenancy said...

This is quite an amazing creation - worthy of ..well, you name the chef. I can't think of one who has put together such an intriguing bouquet of flavors and it's SO California.

Sarah said...

Eek!! That reader was me! I feel like a celebrity.

I now wish that I had some peppers to stuff, instead of just tortillas. Thanks for the ideas!

Happy eating.

cookiecrumb said...

Sarah: You're FAST! Yes, it was you and thanks for all the inspiration.

Nancy: Imagine finding out you can put cooked beans inside a pepper for roasting. And you say, "We can do that?" Because it does seem unusual, but it's not my own idea. I just riff.

Cheryl said...

Don't know about lively chat; just want to say I truly enjoy your blog. Not to many posts can make one chuckle and salivate, especially in so few words!

Thanks, and Happy New Year.

cookiecrumb said...

Cheryl: Thank you! I can really use some kind words, because I'm so out of food ideas, I'm posting about hats now! Merry New Year to you too.