Monday, January 03, 2011

Why God Invented Leftovers

That Christmas roast has given and given and given. And still, there's a decent hunk of it, all pink and perfect, waiting in the freezer for another tour of duty.
Today's beef stroganoff was so good, Cranky and I think we'll execute a redeployment of it.
It's so simple, we always cook it without a recipe. Today Cranky added a splash of sherry for That Seventies Feeling™. What a nice flavor; has it really gone out of style?
Mumble, mumble, slivered onions, sliced mushrooms (including some chanterelles), saute, add red wine and sherry, last stir in your beef strips and some sour cream. Serve over egg noodles. Mumble, mumble.
I remember the year my mom pulled all of the beef strips from the beef stroganoff I had prepared, and refused to eat them. I think she was giving me a hard time.
But nothing can diminish the pleasure of this meal.


Sarah said...

That is exactly what I did with my leftover beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon. I even chopped up the bacon and added it to the pan. Delicious!

Today, I wrapped up the leftover stroganoff in a tortilla, with greens, pickled onion and sriracha for a late lunch. It might sound gross, but it was pretty good too.

Kailyn said...

Sounds wonderful to me.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Mothers, strange creatures, fancy not wanting beef!?
Love the strog, it's a wonderful thing is strog :)

kudzu said...

It's a wonderfully comforting dish. I remember making it in college, using really cheap meat, feeling so sophisticated. No chanterelles there, for sure. Now you have made me want some, even though the pot roast in the kitchen smells pretty good at this point.

Kate said...

We did a new leftover thing with our prime rib leftovers this year: kitfo.

I just cut up the leftovers into small cubes, and skipped the meat-cooking part of the recipe. It might have been so gosh darn good, even without any injera, mostly because it was pretty rare. We're tucking this recipe into the files. Yum!

cookiecrumb said...

Sarah: Wow! Bacon sounds goooood in there. And your tortilla is not gross; it's why god invented leftovers.

Kailyn: I always think a roast beef sandwich is the ultimate, but this? This.

Mouse: We only have strog once a year, so it is a wonderful thing.

Kudzu: Comforting, yet swanky in a 60s way.
Nothing wrong with pot roast!

Kate: I love Ethiopian flavors; I will take a look at the recipe... now!

Elizabeth said...

Leftovers are the gods' gift to cooks. I made a smoked salmon chowder on Christmas day, and a gratin of butternut squash with cheesy breadcrumbs (GF because I'm still that way) and had leftover chowder and my sister's potato salad in the refrigerator the next day, so I mixed the chowder with the salad and toppped it with the leftover cheesy breadcrumbs and baked it until bubbling and it was so, so good. Right now I'm contemplating making fried rice with my leftover soy-sauce-and-sugar-cooked lotus root plus roasted chinese broccoli, thinking that would please the gods as well.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

The weather outside is frightful(ish) I quite fancy a strog for dinner tonight! You inspire me :)

Savoring It said...

We made a roasted beef tenderloin on Christmas Eve which also became spinach salads with cold roast beef, roast beef and feta frittata, and most famously, our version of a French dip, on sourdough with provolone, and a jus made with the pan drippings warmed with some beef stock.


cookiecrumb said...

Hi Ellizabeth: Potato salad/salmon chowder/cheesy crumbs bubbly bake? Insane! I probably wouldn't have though of that, but now I'm really digging it.
Of course, now that you mention... wait... lotus root? You hippie. xoxo

Mouse: You run a well-ordered house if you can do an impromptu strog! Let me know.

Savoring It: That's a NICE variety of beefy leftovers. French Dip, oh, I want.

Greg said...

The seventies...before my time.Yeah right! I am jealous of your leftovers. My kids eat it all.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: Stroganoff should not have "passe" stamped on it. It's just lovely.
(Hmph. Kids and their thievin' appetites.)

Heather said...

I don't think sherry has ever gone out of style. But then, I am a product of The Seventies and therefore am full of That Seventies Feeling™.

Zoomie said...

Quite the arty photo, my dear. Good choice, as strog tastes like heaven but looks like nothing exciting on the plate.

Hungry Dog said...

Stroganoff can be so hit or miss. This looks like a definite hit. Nice job.

cookiecrumb said...

Heather: "How you able to do that?" "Vitamins."
What Seventies show opening sequence is that from?
Thanks for the reason to toast you with sherry. Kampai!

Zoomie: "Nothing exciting on the plate"? It was actually a little vulgar!
Thanks for the compliment and brava to you for figuring out why I used that tight shot. :)

Hungry Dog: I first winged it on stroganoff when I brought home a doggie bag of mushrooms and steak. It worked! Get a feel for the mechanics of a recipe, and then make it with your own ingredients and riffs. xo

Heather said...

"We have the technology" look up answers on the innertubes. (I thought it was Good Times, but to be fair, most of the TV I watched in the 70s was Sesame Street and The Electric Company.)

cookiecrumb said...

Heather: Ding ding ding! I knew you'd do it.