Thursday, January 06, 2011

Playing With My Head

Why have I been sent this hat in a little padded envelope?
The best part is the pair of reusable little padded envelopes, because Would You Be Caught Dead wearing this?
It would be like wearing a hat that says NPR. Or Harvard (says my husband, who owns one, and has been reproached).
Too bad. It's a well-made cap, it fits me, and it looks good on.
Yes, I suscribe to the magazine. I'm nearly a charter subscriber, me 'n' Saveur go back so far. Was this a gift for that reason? Two gifts?
Thanks, I guess.
I'm gonna go put on my job-killing God Bless Farmers hat.
That's OK, isn't it?


Zoomie said...

I'm always amused by people wearing branded clothing - don't they realize that they are free advertising for the company? If I'm gonna be a billboard, I wanna get paid for it.

Kate said...

Whenever I get sent stuff like that and I still want to occasionally wear it in public, I either go at it with sharpie markers, and black everything out, or else a seam ripper, which can sometimes be used to cut/pull all the lettering out. You can get other color sharpie markers too, if you have a logo on something in a primary color. Surprisingly, even though the color match is rarely perfect, the logo ends up fairly inconspicuous. And then I feel like I've stuck it to da man a little bit.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Like Kate said, unpick the embroidery then you'll have a nice plain black cap! That's what my mum would do :)

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: I agree. But in this case, it's not the advertising that gets me. It's that if you wear a Saveur cap, you're giving the impression that you think it's OK to proclaim yourself a foodie. In public. shudder. Ditto NPR -- "I listen to Fresh Air." Of course you do, you middle-aged white person!

Kate: Wow, I hadn't thought of vandalizing it! Pulling apart that embroidery would be a gargantuan task, though. I think I like the idea of besmirching "SAVEUR" to where you can still just barely read it. That's a message!

Mouse: This hat was stitched by the fingers of 10,000 blind Bhutanese orphans. Yeah, all 20,000 fingers on this one hat. It'll be a tough job. Heh. Want one? I got two. Your mother will thank me.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Your message is not publishing (though it may eventually). Here it is:
"Just too, too predictable for you? Back when the little alligators on the breast of one's tennis shirt were the only visible branding (yes, I can remember back that far), I even hated the alligators."

Well, that's a good example. I remember Cranky having a shop owner carve off the Girbaud label from a pair of jeans. And that was way back, too.

Kate said...

Go forth and besmirch, young Cookiecrumb!

cookiecrumb said...

Kate: Fun, young Kate! (I believe I'm the oldie here.)

namastenancy said...

What great suggestions - Sharpies are the easiest but it's really not that difficult to pull out the embroidery. I'm with you on the brand stuff - shirts and bags and hats and purses, oh boy! The sad think is that a lot of people think that they are classy by blandishing something that is free advertising for some rip-off company.

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: No, seriously, the embroidery is tight as a tick. Tighter. No fun, and a possibility of snagging the black hat material. (I DO have a seam ripper.)
If somebody wants to wear an ad, that's OK by me. I just don't want to wear a "Look who I think I am" hat, logo be damned.
(Well... I do love my Hello Kitty stuff.)

namastenancy said...

Hello Kitty? ROFLOL! Why am I not surprised?

Greg said...

Call me crazy but I would so wear that cap. The alligators are so back in style too. Go ahead a take a fashion risk! ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: Heh. I only go for the butch Kitty stuff, like my HK varsity jacket with real leather sleeves. Then there's the nighttime lady handbag with brown shiny plastic and fuzzy leopardskin. It's a whole different phenom from wearing a corporate logo.

Greg: I'm against it, for now. I'll set one aside, intact, in case we decide to swap tokens. xo

kudzu said...

Why don't you just black-out the UR so that your cap reads SAVE ?

You have a seam ripper?? I'm some impressed.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Ha ha! SAVE. A little too evangelistic? Fun idea, though. I will look for other "words."
Seam ripper. Probably been lugging it around since junior high school home ec. I have been known to sew a bit, so it's not that weird for me. Y'know, mistakes to undo and stuff. :)