Sunday, January 09, 2011

Need. Bright. Green.

Oh, this? It's just a bowl of leftovers.
Leftovers straight from New Year's Day, dumped in a pot with some saved bean water (that stuff is gold) and a little "real" water, with a little smidge of cream cheese melted into it. No extra seasonings necessary; the leftovers were spicy and tasty.
I don't expect you to make this, so I'm glossing over the details. You're welcome.
But I just must comment on the topping of cilantro leaves.
First, we really needed greens (even though the soup had added chopped cabbage; yum, but no color).
Second, Cranky has been watching how Jamie Oliver applies leaves on top of his dishes, so seemingly insouciantly. But!
Look: He pinches the leaves, hovers his hand over the top midpoint of the food, and releases so that there's a pile, a tent, a peak. Rather than a limp lie-down.
The photograph agrees with me that this is cool. Look at the shadow on the far side of the bowl.
Yay, Cranky. And happy birthday.


kudzu said...

Cranky's birthday? A hundred hugs. And many more herbs and spices.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: (Psst. Tomorrow.) Thanks for the hugs, sez he.
For the curious: Medicare.

Zoomie said...

Plus, Jamie Oliver uses herbs liberally, too, so they really count both in flavor and in visual pleasure. I have a crush on Jamie and so does My Beloved.

cookiecrumb said...

Zooms: I've loved him since he was the Naked Chef.

kudzu said...

Don't know whether Medicare covers herbs and spices (prolly not), but it's a fine place to land for us freelancers!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ooo Happy Birthday to the Crankster!
Greens are good, I suffer terribly if I don'g get regular greens - ooo, almost 6:30, Jamie's 30 minute meals is on in a tick :)

HAZEL said...

That cilantro makes it look good enough to eat! LOL I will have to try my bruising and dropping technique.

Greg said...

I am so glad they are showing Jaime's shows on Cooking Channel.Happy BD to Cranky!April's BD was Sat.Capricorns rock.

namastenancy said...

Happy birthday to the one and only Cranky! May he be forever young - eating greens helps!

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Medicare is awesome. I, for now, am kicked off employer coverage and doing COBRA for a few years. Then I'll have to pay full freight for a while until I get old enough.

Mouse: Cranky says Thanky!!
For greens today: seaweed. Yes!

Hazel: I know; it was fugly, but the garnish almost helped. Good luck on your application skills.

Greg: Happy Birthday to April! From us both.

Nancy: Words of wisdom. And sometimes words of craving. Thanks.