Thursday, August 04, 2005

La, La, La, Lasagna Last Night

Local lasagna, hold the noodles. OK, fake lasagna.
Oven-roasted oiled zucchini strips, layered with roasted tomato slices, Cowgirl Creamery cottage cheese, leftover Marin Sun Farms ground beef, onions and garlic from the Pt. Reyes Station farmers' market, a showering of grated Straus cheddar, some chopped chard plus oregano... It was so seductively rich and tasty, I'm getting shivers about this terroir dining.
While I was roasting the vegetables, I also roasted some extra tomatoes for soup later this week. Ran 'em through the food mill, and then decided to add the left-behind skin and seeds to the lasagna. (It's a food concept of mine I call "pushing." You keep pushing bits of your food into future dishes. I'll go into more depth some time.)
Should I even tell you about the two roasted potatoes? I scooped out their insides for non-wheat crackers (it worked!) and saved the shells for filling and re-baking later.
(UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. Biggles at MeatHenge, I now have a tastier pic of the food. He's way on top of his Nikon and I'm just a plebe. Thanks to the master, voila the improved image.)


Greg said...

I think we should open a restaurant together cookie. You know how to make a million dollars in the restaurant biz? Start with two million ;)

drbiggles said...

Eh? Where's the bacon?

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: I know! I'll never do that. I was a waitress for ONE shift back in college, and by the end of the evening I was telling customers "Go get your own goddamned iced tea. Do I look like a waitress?" No restaurant business for me.
Bigs: Yes. Dying for bacon. Soon! (Er -- should I raise a piglet and call it local?)

Sam said...

just get your arse to the Fatted Calf for bacon,
you can be at the ferry buiding at 7.30 am tomorrow and out before the crowds
or a more leisurely jaunter across the Richmond Bridge for 10am?

Monkey Gland said...

Good work with the pic there Cookie!

mzn said...

This dish looks really fantastic. I wish I had made it.

Intrigued by "pushing"--is this different from using some of the leftovers from dish A in dish B? Do you connect all your dishes in a kind of chain, so that tonight's stew is x degrees of separation from a pumpkin pie of years earlier? Is this insane?

This makes me think of the movie Push it Forward, which I didn't see and don't think I want to. Any thoughts?

mzn said...

I meant "Pay" not "Push"--Pay it Forward

cookiecrumb said...

mzn: Yeah, I guess it's a lot like using leftovers in another dish. Yup, that's exactly what it is. Not reheated leftovers, but a whole new thing with old stuff in it. Ha.
(Yeah, "Pay It Forward." Skip it. The kid dies.)

farmgirl said...

That looks and sounds delicious!