Friday, August 05, 2005

Just Don't Call 'Em Pringles

Not a speck of wheat has passed through my lips this whole week.
Which is not to say I don't crave the occasional toasty, crispy morsel.
So I roasted a couple of potatoes and scooped out the insides (saving the shells for later), riced the potatoes and blended the mash with melted butter, an egg and some salt. I wish I'd used more potatoes or just half the egg; it was a bit gooey.
I rolled this "dough" on a greased surface with a greased pin and cut it into -- ahem -- "shapes" (which did not hold their shape as the knife dragged through this squishy stuff). I pretty much ended up patting the individual crackers into shape and desired thinness on the baking sheet...
Anyway, after a while in a 375 oven, they took on the coloring of vanilla wafers (you know that look: yellow on top, toasty brown around the edges), so I let them go until they were mostly evenly browned all over, even turning some of them over on the baking sheet. It took a while.
I'm not giving proportions, because obviously this "recipe" needs fine tuning.
But look what I got! They were quite nice smeared with a luscious mixture of Point Reyes Original Blue Farmstead cheese and Cowgirl Creamery Creme Fraiche.
Tonight: Hog Island oysters with chopped sauteed local chard and onion, maybe showered with a little grated Straus cheddar, run under the broiler for a few minutes and finally sprinkled with foraged fennel pollen. Beloved husband and co-cook has already named this dish "Oysters Hoggefennel."

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ok - what time are you expecting me for dinner, please?