Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm Mad and I'm -- Well, Insane

Is this local enough for ya? This is my shower, fergoshsakes! See the glass door?
The bathroom has a skylight, and these little guys are doing great in there. Baby Bibb lettuce on the right, and on the left Red Fire lettuce. (And, since you asked, easily removed for my own personal hygienic needs.)
When I bought the infant plants at the nursery, they were all sheltered inside a translucent white tent, so I guess they're a little sensitive to bright sun. And my condo is surrounded by very hot sun and dark brown exterior walls which only intensify the heat.
If these plants make it into next week, I'm going to enjoy some leaves with a fantastic new Sonoma vinegar I found, Kitchen Line.
In the meantime, there are two ripe Meyer lemons on my itty bitty tree. And McEvoy Olive Oil, although its address is in Petaluma, is actually within Marin County. I'm all set! Except for the damn salt.

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Monkey Gland said...

You absolute loon! ;-)