Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tired of Cooking

I saw a recipe for homemade gyoza today, and I want to do it. I have made my own potstickers, with homemade wrappers, and it was easy. Very satisfying.
Cranky freaked out a little when I told him of my wish. We have frozen Chinese dumplings, and he thinks even that's too hard to cook just now.
We are on a cook goof-off.
We still get fed, and most of the time it is with local, healthy ingredients. But big ambition is not on the table.
It's almost like we're eating junk food, although we try to make it in-house. It's not junk.
So, yeah. Buffalo chicken wings. Again. It is so easy. And you get all that nutritional kick from the celery! (Don't you?)
Could NOT complain!
OK, lunch today is take-out pizza. Goof-off.


cookiecrumb said...


oh, i am totally pizza breath. so good.

Zoomie said...

If you expected a scolding from me, you're going to be disappointed. You deserve a congé from cooking whenever you darn well please and, for me, pizza is the staff of life. :-)

Heather said...

Well, plus you get all that calcium from the blue cheese dressing. You're no slouch.

kudzu said...

1) Goof off as much as you want. You're the boss of yourselves! Love the neon colors in the photo.

b) I don't think they ever did. It was all a set-up.

---and --
We knew the real Jackie Kennedy, and she, ma'am, is not Jackie Kennedy.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Ooh, we found a good new pizzeria near home. Part of Michael Chiarello's chain. xxx

Heather: Totally depending on the calcium. I bet there's some probiotics or flavonoids in the hot sauce, too. Diglycerides? I'm sure that's good.

Kudzu: The guilt is only due to this stupid blog.
So how did Katie get knocked up even before they wed?
(Thank you, Senator Bentson.)

namastenancy said...

Katie and Tom? That's a non sequitur if I ever read one. As far as the cook off goes - meh. No biggie. Tomorrow is World Tomato Day and I'm making salad while reciting Neruda's Ode to Tomatoes, now up at my Examiner Food Column. Who needs to cook when you have tomatoes. Just add salt, a little vinegar and olive oil.
Plus, tomatoes on pizza. There is no bad there.

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Cannot be kitchen goddess all the time, and that pizza goes down so smooth when accompanied by a frosty beer! Just trying to add more fiber to the meal :-)
Does anyone pay attention to Tom & Kate anymore?

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: World Tomato Day???? Did not know. I think I can dredge up some paean. Tom and Katie: Ew, is all.

Little: I'm grateful for your understanding. I realize how widespread this can be. *Le sigh.*
And, yeah, why am I even talking about Katie and Tom. And that weird, Binkie sucking four-year-old they "produced."

breeamal said...

World Tomato Day? I'm boycotting fresh tomatoes until I can get real ones in a few months. Tomatoes should not be crunchy or taste like Styrofoam.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

You need to do a pen post darling ;) xx

Sophie said...

You're making me hungry!!


Greg said...

Aint no thing better than a chicken wing!

Zoomie said...

Who are Katie and Tom?