Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Salad Day

I really like shrimp. I know, it's so lame, so middlebrow American.
Just as long as I can get decently harvested wild shrimp, which means *not local*.
This was Gulf shrimp. Gulf??? With a dipping sauce of BP?
Nah. It was safe. Tasty. Tender. Just right.
It was cooked in a flavory oil, loaded with spices. Of your choosing. Some lemon.
Then a salad dressing was made in the sauteing pan. Yeah, right in all those sauteed flavors. A little more oil, a little more lemon juice. Dressing!
Hearts of romaine lettuce, and clever curls of avocado that looked just like vegan shrimp.
Rats, forgot croutons.


cookiecrumb said...


Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

Looks all wilty goodness. I like when avocados sorta melt into the dish a bit.
I bought the makings of a caesar salad this weekend, as I've been jonesing for one (those poor Joneses, everyone always after them!). Not sure what protein du jour will be, but a quick, easy weeknight dinner, nonetheless!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It's middlebrow to eat prawns? O noes. *shifts to the middle*

SimplyStated said...

Flip Flop Master Extraordinaire and King Slut of the Values Family Genre.

(Flip Flop Jr is that plastic Ken Doll figure Romney who always makes me make to star him in the leading role of the "Stepford Husbands")

AND BTW...that salad looks and sounds awesome. Definite FTS Rating of 10. (FTS:Fork through The Screen)

cookiecrumb said...

Little: Actually not wilty. The salad dressing was not cooked. Ogod, sounds good though.
Yeah, it was supposed to be Caesar, but no egg, no cheese, no croutons. WTF?
It is Salad Season, Ms. Jones!!

Mouse: I think shrimp (prawns) are considered sissy seafood, for people who can't abide actual scaly fish. Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.™

Simply: Whoa-ho! A side of you I didn't know. Keep it coming.
FTS! Better than "audible groan." :)

Hungry Dog said...

Shrimp and avocado, heavenly.

cookiecrumb said...

Yo, Dawg: (Oh, hate to call you dog now. Weep, weep.)
Yes! Avocado and shrimp is so Ladies' Lunch! Really good.

Greg said...

Not that's a shrimp salad.Is that a black plate? It looks as if the salad is suspended in air.

kudzu said...

When food writing, there are many words I refuse to use because they sound twee or because they have been so overdone I can't bear to add one more repetition. "Nestled" is one of them. But that was the first word I thought when I saw your shrimp and avocado all cozy in the photo...One of my favorite combinations, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: It's a very dark brown plate. Cool effect, huh?

Kudzu: Well, I think it all depends on who's doing the nestling. If the chef "nestles" something into something, bad menu writing. If the avocado and the shrimp suddenly decide to get it on, whoopie!

Zoomie said...

Gingrich: Smart Ass(hole)

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Very succinct!