Wednesday, March 02, 2011


You may be seeing this book, Eat Tweet, zooming around the webz. Apparently some of the A-list bloggers were sent review copies plus a spare to give away.
Maureen Evans, the author, Tweets by the name of @cookbook. She has given herself the daunting task of writing actual recipes on Twitter squished down to 140 characters (including the title!). The goal is to present a viable bit of directions that might even appeal a little. You need to decipher some code. "Cvr" means cover; h2o is water. Some words even get fully spelled out. "Molasses"! I know what that is.
So her recipes go like this:

SALSA FRESCA Mexico Peel,seed 4tom; mince+¼c wtonion&cilantro/1-2jalapeno(seed for milder salsa). Toss+2T lime/s+p to taste. Yld c.

You catch those little tricks? "c" is a cup. "wtonion" is a white onion. There's a glossary in the book (and even so, I admit to still being stumped on some of the hieroglyphic terms).
I got a copy of the book because I bought it, the old-fashioned way.
I tried to win a free one by entering Tammy's contest for a giveaway. She asked readers to submit their best 140-character recipe. Groan! You know me and recipes. We have to sleep on separate floors because we quarrel.
Well, I gave it a try.

SPAGBOL Make spaghetti; make sauce. Put sauce on spaghetti.

I did not win.
(But you should see the "real" Tweet recipe for spaghetti. Jeez, almost the same as mine! Hah.)
Cranky bantered with the bookstore guy, telling him the brief absurdity of my recipe (while I blushed and kicked). It got a big laugh, and the guy suggested I could tighten it even further by abbreviating "put sauce on spaghetti" as PSOS.
But you and I know that might not work. You could end up putting the spaghetti on the sauce.
It isn't easy.


maiapapaya said...

I love you. So much.

Greg said...

tweets? 4getabotit.

Kalyn said...

A friend sent me this little book and I am having fun looking through it!

Cheryl said...

Major grins this afternoon! Thank you!

namastenancy said...

iadoreu, clever lady.

cookiecrumb said...

Maiapapaya: I love you back! Let's tell our moms. (Thanks, so much.)

Greg: I thought Twitter was inane and insane at first, but it's a habit now. I mostly lurk.

Kalyn: I know you have it; I read your tweet! Hee. The book is such fun, but I haven't decided if I'll actually use the recipes.

Cheryl: And you have given me a grin. Thanks to you.

Nancy: It's fun to have fun. Merci, pretty.

Zoomie said...

Sounds like a fun book, actually, even for us non-tweeters, and your recipe should have won!

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

I'm just fascinated by what gets distilled down into 140 characters (and I tweet, tho not recipes)!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Awww! I was just being cheeky. Or "saucy," as Tammy called me.
The book has over a thousand recipes! (In just 258 pages.)

Pots: The author doesn't have the luxury of teaching us stuff, the way the Zuni cookbook does. Just "bada bing, bada boom."

Heather said...

I love your #recipe. Made it for #dinnerlastnight.

cookiecrumb said...

Heather: Yeah, great. It's #delish, isn't it?