Saturday, June 12, 2010

Toad and the Goal

I know this is wrong, so wrong.
But we didn't have any idea who was going to win the soccer match today, England or America.
So we fudged. Hedged. Smudged.
We made a Toad in the Hole, the classic British dish of Yorkshire pudding baked with sausage inside. But we used hot dogs. Yankee dogs. Smeared with mustard, and then covered with the batter. Baked. Puffed. Et.
The batter was made with non-gluten flour, so it behaved a little differently than I'm used to. Still, I liked it. It was fine. I might pull the pud out of the oven a little earlier next time (and there will be a next time), because the puffing didn't materialize to a fancier's fancy. But it tasted great, great. Mate.
There was a salad to compensate for the animal grease (I cooked the pudding in bacon fat). Of course, the salad was dressed with vegetable grease (olive oil). Not a problem; we are judicious.
All in all, a very fine lunch.
And the U.S. and England tied the game, 1-1.
We all win.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Maaaaaaaaaate - it's an effort but try whipping the egg whites before adding them to the batter if you want serious puffery!
I bought pork & ginger snags yesterday so we can have toad in the hole tonight (I for one will not be watching the Australia v Germany game, but don't tell anyone, 'they' may remove my citizenship).

cookiecrumb said...

Ms. Mouse: Ooh, whip the whites! Good idea. Really, ta. (Heh.)
Pork and ginger snags? Eeee. You nonpatriot. Enjoy your meal. xx

(Did you see District 9?)

Kailyn said...

I like my hot dogs covered in chili and cheese. Now if you had dropped some nice bratwurst in there... Oh, I suppose that would have defeated the purpose. Hmmm. How about some Louisiana hot links? Now that would have been a statement if you ask me. Meanwhile I am salivating over the idea of pork and ginger snaps.

Zoomie said...

This looks so good - but I'd have melted, if I had turned on the oven yesterday, into a little salty pool of Pamela. We had a cold salad.

Kalyn said...

This looks like a perfect lunch for the occasion!

peter said...

Brown Mouse beat me to it.

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: Yes, of course. But this needed to be a pudding. There will be another time.

Zoomie: I'm not quite sure how we survived the oven. All that stupid granite in the kitchen has a cooling effect, I guess.

Kalyn: Wasn't it diplomatic? Hee. And we didn't even watch the game. At all.

Peter: Go make friends with Ms. Mouse; she will be your new BFF.

Zoomie said...

Curse not your granite. Stroke it, love it. If you're not feeling lovey, come over and look at my hideous tiles and you'll change your mind! :-)

butterface said...

Just not a futbol girl. But I am a zealous hot dog fan. Looooooove this.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Granite is the hideous tiles of the 90s. Hateful, and -- worse -- BROWN!

Butter: We didn't even actually watch the game. Whoo caares? Heh. But it was a good eat.

Lannae said...

Love it!