Monday, June 14, 2010


This dog? This dog?
She is my ten-month-old Manny Jack. Very sweet, nice, loving.
But, man, she will not look at the camera.
Last night she slept all the way from 9 PM to 7 AM. Eureka!
Today she demonstrated that she knows "WAIT"! She had an unripe pear in her mouth, and we both know that gives her the creepy poops. She waited! I got the shriveled pear. (I think we may be having a bad pear year. Ever heard of fire blight?)
It has taken me a long time to love this pup, even though I loved her from the first day we got her. She is DIFFICULT. But I loved her.
I love her extra special more, now, that she's maturing. Whoo. Difficult dog.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ooo she's gotten quite tall and lean. I bet, even when being difficult, she's lovely and sleek with soft ears.
Sigh, you have my sympathies on the naughty-front, but she's getting there, which gives me hope!

Greg said...

If you place some food in your mouth, visible to dog, they will look at the camera.When I went to the dog show I watched the trainers use small pieces of hot dog to keep their dog's attention.Silly but effective.

EB of SpiceDish said...

Creepy poops? Dare I ask?

Zoomie said...

Puppies! They seduce you with their adorability and then whack you upside the head with their knavery. I started brushing my puppies daily, just so's I'd have something to say "Good dog" about, instead of just the daily litany of "no. No. NO. NO, dammit, NO!"

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: I know. I couldn't keep it secret any longer. She is developing into such a beauty (long limbs and silky ears). But a little defiant. I think it will pass.
I wish you the best with your puss.

Greg: Hah! Hah! What a great trick.

EB: No.

Zoomie: "Knavery." So exactly the right word. Because she is not evil, she is just naughty. I love your advice about brushing.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, that's all I ever say all day, that and "not for you!"

butterface said...

I would never trust a Puppy without a naughty streak.
She's adorable. My daily squee quota has been met.

Hungry Dog said...


Chilebrown said...

You probably should be dilligent about picking up fallen pears. Hopefully your pup will not develop a taste for them. Mojo used to take a runnng start and pounce with his front paws on the trunk of our apple tree to harvest his private stash.He was a character.

Shine said...

I love this picture Cookiecrumb. Lots of my fave pics of pets don't have all of their bodies in the frame or have them looking straight at the camera...some of the most interesting shots aren't the traditional poses.

We have a very naughty "furry member" of our family as well. I agree with the treat method. My husband will also take a toy (squeaky ones are great) and play with it behind me above my shoulder so our girl will look in that direction and I can get a shot that way. We usually play with her first so she's relaxed.

Well behaved pets are darlings too, but somehow when you have to put in the extra work you really appreciate your 'naughty' pet so much when you and they make progress together! Congrats on moving forward in your journey with such a beautiful boy.

Shine said...

Oops, sorry Cookie...just waking up still. I'm calling your puppy a beautiful boy and it it is a gorgeous girl. I meant "She"!

cookiecrumb said...

Butterface: I don't think she wants to get into trouble. She's just a little loopy on obedience. I've never had such a hard dog; she's my fourth. But she's NOT BAD.

Dog: She's good looking, like a miniature mule deer, if that's good looking.

Chilebrown: OMG, Mojo could pick his own apples? How clever. Yeah, we're patrolling the grounds now. Little rascal.

Shine: Thanks for the tips! This *girl* loves her squeaky toys. And I'm sure she'd love a hunk of hot dog.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the photo, I scrolled quickly all the way down, hoping for another photo, staring at the camera...

oh, well, as a proud owner of a JRT, I should have known better :-)

keep trying... never give up!

Lannae said...

Good puppy! She is a sweetie, even while not looking at the camera.

cookiecrumb said...

BK: I'm sticking with her. Somedays she's so grown up! Today she peed in my bed.

Lannae: I think she usually means well. She's just so high-spirited, and I'm a tired old lady. :)