Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanky, Cranky

Hell, I could make this without a recipe.
If I ever made it.
Ever since Cranky and I discovered a reliable recipe for Ma Po Tofu, Cranky has whipped out batch after batch. Sometimes with pork, sometimes no.
This batch was decorated with bits of maitake mushrooms, and it's the Grand Winner. Vegetarian, if that matters, and dancing with elusive, satisfying flavor.
And lately, all versions without a recipe.
He has also experimented with various textures of tofu, and we like "medium" best.
Then rice; gotta have rice. Which I don't cook, because I've never figured out the rice cooker. (I know! Dump contents, push button, wait.)
I should learn how to do this stuff.


Elizabeth said...

I want a Cranky of my own.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

If you learned how to do that stuff Cranky wouldn't have anything to do!

peter said...

We should rename it "Fiorina Tofu" so we're not first up against the wall.

Greg said...

Even as a crazy meat eating guy I love tofu.That preparation sounds easy and yummy.

Kalyn said...

I think you should probably keep him!

namastenancy said...

Who needs to cook anything when you've got your own personal Cranky, chief, butler, and general dogsbody. What a keeper!

cookiecrumb said...

Elizabeth: On the other hand, we were just squabbling in the garden, and it wasn't nice. On the OTHER hand, he came in to apologize, and I proposed World Cup food for this week.

Mouse: You have no idea. He knows how to work the TV, he drives, he pays the bills on time, and he takes the trash barrels out. I just sit around in my PJs with my mouth open, waiting for food like a baby bird.

Peter: I ain't scared of her! She's scared of ME! I'm calling it Lisbeth Salander Tofu. OK, Carly?

Greg: Tofu is so oddly yummy and comforting. You should give it a try, you'd be so proud.

Kalyn: Sigh. At this point, I wouldn't know how to throw him out.

Nancy: The great thing is watching him grow and develop. At first he'd be tentative. Then proud. Now he's just a grizzled pro. (I won't teach him everything, though!)

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot make husband warm up for tofu.

Oh, well - all things considered, it's not a major character flaw...


cookiecrumb said...

Bewitch: No, not a major character flaw. ;)
I'd say I worked on Cranky for 30 years. And it wasn't until he started making Ma Po Tofu that he got hooked.