Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who Put the Dogs In?

Woof. Woof. Woof, woof.
I've been planning this meal for a long time. We had a small batch of socca batter left over. Not really enough for this job, even, but we forged ahead on faith and an empty stomach.
Two fragile "tortillas," tender yet crisp on the edges. One for him, one for me. Distinct flavor of "bread," even though the flour is made from garbanzo beans. Unbelievable. My new go-to bread.
The dogs were sizzled in a pan after the kimchi got fried. "Tortillas" were waiting in the oven (but probably should have just kept them under a towel to maximize moisture; even an overnight in the fridge would have been good).
Simple smoodge of mayo, very little. Application of kimchi. Laying on of the dogs. Stabbing with toothpick, because the wraps were just a little too smallish.
For dessert, iceberg wedge with impromptu pink dressing. Ketchup was an ingredient.
Like you had something better?


Greg said...

woof woof back at ya! You know I loves the dogs.

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: I do! If you ever get your hands on garbanzo flour, you might try your own alternative tortillas; yummy.

Kate said...

I had blueberry-blackberry crisp for dinner last night. With a pint of hard cider. Because I'm an adult: I can decide what's for dinner. And once in a while, it's dessert.

cookiecrumb said...

Kate: Ha ha! And stay up as late as you want.
Last night I had potato chips for dinner.