Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wow, Almost Six Months Ago

In two days, Bartlett will have been with us a half a year.
She is bigger now: Up almost seven pounds from the day we brought her home, to exactly 10 pounds. Which probably means she'll continue to grow, because she's still a puppy. Her features have changed to a more mature look. Svelte, muscular, smooth. Really pretty.
But here in this homecoming photo, she is conked out in my lap at the age of eight weeks, with a short muzzle and cute floppy ears. Those have both lengthened. And her torso has elongated (we believe she is derived from sight-hound stock; think Whippet).
Behavior? Totally athletic. She can already jump up onto the bed. (She's been jumping off it for months.)
Obedience? Now and then. It's my biggest agony, and believe me, we work on her every day. Right now she is in the middle of a two-hour nap (a record) because she spent so much time outdoors this morning being good, and bad. Rewards with treats are a constant, but sometimes she'd rather just be naughty. No treat.
I think things will improve as she matures. Already we are seeing her learn to control herself. It will get better.
If she were a human baby, she'd still be in diapers, so I guess we're lucky. And no college tuition to save up for.
But even though young puppies are the cutest, I'm ready for Bartlett to grow up.
In my lap. (She still fits.)
She has the softest fur, ever.


Mama Bean said...

You got your puppy shortly after I first started reading here. So I've been following you for six months, too! Fun :) Glad y'all are having such a good time learning together :)

Kailyn said...

Oooo. I always thought that if I had a dog, it would be one of the sight hounds.

Boris and Natasha would send Bartlett a gift if they could tolerate dogs. In the meantime I'll wait for her to stop growing. She might just need a stylish sweater in the future and I seem to have yarn around for just that purpose.

SallyBR said...

Too adorable for words.....

It does get better, it will get better... :-)

dancingmorganmouse said...

Awww sleepybobos, sweet. And, you can't really blame her for just wanting to be naughty sometimes can you, we all feel that way now and then.
Also, sight hounds, not really known for coming when called.
Tigger says HELLO (bounce)

Hungry Dog said...

She's the sweetest. I love her, and I love that YOU so clearly adore her! Just as it should be. Happy 6 month anniversary!

cookiecrumb said...

Mama Bean: I've had you for six month too! :D
I checked out your blog; you are a very busy woman. Awesome husband, gorgeous baby.

Kailyn: I don't particularly want or not want this trait. It's cute, though. She chases (and eats) bugs.

Sally: Thank you for the ray of hope. Today is OUTDOORS, PLEASE.

Mouse: Ooh, I didn't know that about sight hounds. Well, that makes her a leash hound!
Kisses to the kitties.

Dog: Sometimes I just weep and withdraw. Cranky is outside with her now. I'm gonna go cook.

namastenancy said...

It's utterly delightful to read your posts as your "baby" grows up. I know that her mischievous streak is a pain in the a@@ but at least, she won't be asking for the car keys when she hits the doggie equivalent of being a teenager. My only regret is that I don't have a car so I can't zoom up to Marin and meet her in person. On the other hand, the fact that I don't have a car means that your garden - and your delicious meals - are safe from me.
Maybe one day we can meet at some central location that I can reach by ferry as Sausalito or Larkspur. Once the Spring rain stops, there are some nice places for an outdoor picnic along the waterline. Of course, the baby will have to be better trained before you let her out in public.

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: There will definitely be a time for you to meet our doggie. And you don't even have to be so accommodating. We're just crawling out of a months-long period of not socializing, and should be ready soon. I would enjoy it. Bartlett will be perfectly well-behaved on a leash. Welded to my arm.

Barbara said...

Wow 6 months already. That's great.

cookiecrumb said...

Barbara: It's beginning to work out. There is progress, DAILY. You just have to look for it, and it's really rewarding to us. Thanks.