Monday, August 31, 2009

That Time of Year

Cranky calls it "mayonnaise season."
Honestly, though, we haven't had too many goopy sandwiches this summer. We're still figuring out the bread situation, Chez Crumb. This one is a gluten-free pre-sliced loaf that's amazingly edible. Really good, in fact.
So here's your criterial BLT, made with tomatoes that are increasingly marauding us with their prolifitude. We're still ahead of them, but in a few days we might have to get out the food mill and freezer bags. The bacon is homemade; quite simple (no sissy extra flavors like Fluffernut Brine). The lettuce is from the farmers market. And the mayonnaise comes from a jar with a blue lid.
I'm going to keep eating these as long as the tomatoes keep coming in.
I am NOT having any ratatouille this summer. At all.


denise said...

You even make your own bacon? Nifty.

Kailyn said...

No ratatouille? Poor eggplant.

And congrats on finding a delish bread that agrees with you.

Zoomie said...

Try the sandwich open faced and with avocado instead of the bacon. Killer with a squeeze of lemon juice and a big grinding of fresh pepper.

Chilebrown said...

Fluffernut Brine?

cookiecrumb said...

Denise: It's not as big a deal as it sounds, if you can get pork belly. You don't even need to smoke it. Really, last night I had potato chips for supper. :-)

Kailyn: I still love the eggplant. I've got ideas for it, but I'm just not going to make the usual vegetable stew this time. (The bread is good enough that even Cranky likes it.)

Zoomie: That sounds delicious! Lemon juice. But -- the bacon stays! They got a name for this sandwich: the BLAT.

Chilebrown: Well, I was sort of exaggerating. I didn't want to name any names.

Kalyn said...

Oh goodie, so glad you found a bread that will work. I'm with you on the blue lid. Just about to make one of these myself. Amazingly, I'm starting to like them better without the bacon though. (I think this may be a braces thing for me.)

Heather said...

I used to eat tomatoes just with mayo, no sandwich. Love them.

peter said...

We're not having any ratatouille either, but mostly because our zucchini are all rotting in the rain.

I hope by "sissy extra flavors" you don't mean to deride my super-orgasmic eye-rolling miso bacon. Because it's the SHIT.

Seriously, though- if you are making bacon, is mayonnaise so hard? It'll change your life.

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: It's a relief. We always bought "artisan" bread at the farmers market anyway, so there's no harm in bought bread... Maybe we'll start baking with those odd flours.
Good luck with your tomatoes! When you get your braces off, you'll be in bacon heaven (and pretty!).

Heather: Why, that sounds like a lap sandwich. Best consumed with an adoring partner or a paying customer. Mm.

Peter: That is such a sad story. Rain, go away. Very sad.
Now, was I dissing you for the ponzu bacon? I'm not naming names, Peter. Oh, I just did. No, I'm jealous of yours, and might try it next time.
As for mayo, I've made my own. It's OK. I don't die for it... I'm a rube. said...

My favorite sandwich....Yumible! Like Denise, I was impressed about making your own bacon. As a kid, I made sausage and cured hams -- that wasn't so fun as a kid.

namastenancy said...

You make your own bacon? I am impressed! I am so with you on the BLT for this time of year - the tomatoes (which I get at the Farmer's Market) are delicious. I also make a BLT with a crumble of feta - does that make it a BLTF?

cookiecrumb said...

ArmadilloPepper: How can you not be impressed with your own self, making sausages and hams when you were small? I've never tried that! Yet. (The cool thing about making your own bacon is, when you run out, you make more.)

Nancy: I should just get a crew of friends together for a backyard smoking. Only takes two hours. Better still, we could go to the Boom Boom Room chez Biggles; he's got lots of rigs.
As for your sandwich, that sounds so good I would never have thought of it. (I'm a prig. I mean a purist.) You and Zoomie should have a BLT variety tasting. I'll be there.

Lannae said...

I am still looking for local pork belly (seems like it all gets bought by restaurants) to make my version of bacon. I still have my local bacon source, so I could do that. I have not gotten tomatoes in my CSA for weeks and weeks, so I am worried I might not get an autumn local BLT. :P But, we are lucky here, we have not gotten the tomato blight like in the N.E. Was up there a lot this year, no tomatoes and no peaches (there was a freeze during peach blossom time). There are beets ... can I make a BLB? Anyway, I am going to try and make mayo from the orangy yolk local eggs and some super flavorful olive oil from a small producer in Sanoma. !!

Ashley said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your food mill & freezer bag adventures---I've been trying it out for the first time this summer, with differing degrees of freezer burn, ack!

cookiecrumb said...

Lannae: I don't know how user-friendly your butchers are, but you might be able to make a special request and they would hold a piece for you. If you think that's even possible, start searching the Internet for your pink curing salt now. Look for Instacure. It will take a while to ship, and you want to be ready if you get a belly. I used Michael Ruhlman's recipe in "Charcuterie"; it's very reliable. Go!

Ashley: I've always roasted my tomatoes in a deep dish with a squirt of oil; I'm not sure it's necessary but it does reduce the moisture so you're not storing so much.
Here's my main advice: Use one-qt. freezer bags with zippers. Fill as full as you want, but squeeze all the air out. Freeze them flat, and THEN slide a stack of filled bags inside a one-gal. freezer bag and zip it up. Double bagging is your friend.