Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorable Day

What do you mean, this is Memorial Day Weekend?
We have to start wearing white shoes now?
I'm not finished with spring yet!
We decided to heap great mouthfuls of spring on our plates: green garlic, morels, and fresh, bright eggs. There is also asparagus on the premises, but we figured three spring icons in a mouthful was heavy-duty enough. We'll do the asparagus in a few days, with green garlic and whatever else I think of.
Meanwhile, I alone am responsible for the drab color of this scramble. I know the rule, but I didn't follow it. When you scramble eggs in the pan with the cooked vegetables, the eggs are going to absorb all the greeny, browny juices. Bleah. I should have used two pans, and then combined the food after.
But everything brightened up considerably with the tiny sprinkling of minced parsley. Backyard parsley, bursting with chlorophyll and the elusive taste of anise. (Or is that just me?)
OK, let's see. White shoes.
Nah. I don't have any.


namastenancy said...

White shoes! Heresy! This is Northern California. We don't have to show you no grubby white shoes - although I did see a tourist or two in downtown SF. They obviously didn't get the memo about summer in SF because they were wearing shorts AND had on white shoes.
Poor things!

dancingmorganmouse said...

There's nothing wrong with green eggs. Green (pesto) eggs and ham (bacon) is one of my favourite breakfasts!
(I don't have any white shoes either, unless you count sneakers.)

Chilebrown said...

3We bought some Jombo
aspargus today from Alemany.
We are heading to Marin in the morning.. I hope chris is going to hook us up
i may have withdrawal asparagus symptons soon


Sweet Bird said...

I just noticed your new banner for the site title - observant I am not.

Also, I second that motion.

Real Food, Real World said...

I think the eggs look fabulous, greenish-brown or not. But add morels to something, and I'm not picky - heck, I'd happily eat the white shoes with good mushrooms.

Mike Licht, said...

Contrary to popular belief, Congress has never authorized permission to wear white shoes after Memorial Day.


cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: I did an inventory. I have grayish running shoes. A pair of really dirty white flip-flops. Heh.

Mouse: Now, green eggs I can get interested in.

Chilebrown: Asparagus is green. I bet it makes ugly eggs.

Sweet Bird: You are the FIRST to notice (or comment on) the banner. It's been up since January. Thank you!!

RFRW: First, dying to go see your blog if there is one. Second -- MUSHROOMS! eee

Mike: Who the heck are you? I'll go take a look. SO glad we aren't forced to wear white pumps. Though my doggie did chew up the pair I was married in. I'm pretty sure it was before Labor Day. :D

The Spiteful Chef said...

There is no point in having white shoes if you garden as much as you do. I, however, am a lazy slag and can lounge around in white shoes WISHING I knew how to garden.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs. Spiteful: I saw your wedding shoes! Oh, so cute.