Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Update

No, we didn't grow the potatoes.
Wait, I lied.
We grew that tiny, pale, little one on top with the chive slice on it. The rest came from the farmers market.
We've been digging up the yard, putting in new food plants, and we decided to use last year's potato patch as this year's potato patch. (I hope it's OK. I know you're not supposed to put tomatoes in the same place in consecutive years.)
And, whoops! Up out of the dirt comes this petite little specimen. It was never going to grow any bigger, because the plant part above the ground has been dead and gone for months. But who knew cold storage underground would support the freshness of a baby tater for so long? We were thrilled. (Yeah, gross. Like being thrilled about your six-year-old's expelled teeth.)
Also, look at those monster chive flowers. The chive crop is still robust, but the seed heads are nearing expiration. If you have flowering chives, please eat the pretty blossoms. I doubt we'll get around to all of ours; so many.
Finally, the dressing on this potato salad was made with a sweet pear vinegar. I'm sad to say it was a purchased vinegar, because the bottle I fermented two years ago developed a little mold. I might still be able to save it. But a sheetload of new backyard pears is due in a few months; I could just try again.


Amy Sherman said...

Chive flowers are so pretty and tasty too. They were supposed to be featured in one of my recipes for Williams-Sonoma but they got nixed because of course, you need a garden. Would be lovely if they sold them at the farmers market though!

dancingmorganmouse said...

When digging our bed over to rest it up for the spring (and plant some beans) I found a half dozen or so wee spudlings - an unexpected treat from the garden.

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

I'm sure it'll be OK, but I read last week you're not supposed to put potatoes in the same spot for at least 3 years. Dunno how that will play out for us, as there's really only one spot we can use.

Kate said...

My chive flowers peaked a week ago. They are lovely and tasty - a real seasonal treat.

I'm told it's best to rotate the potato beds, and most crops in fact. Tomatoes, garlic, and potatoes should all be moved every year, with 2-3 year gaps for those species in any given bed. Keeping things moving around the garden prevents viruses, pests, or other soil issues from developing. It's the main reason I draw a garden map each year and then hang on to it for a while.

Sunflowers, on the other hand, should stay in the same place from year to year. They put stuff in the soil that isn't particularly friendly to other plants.

Libby said...

Chive flowers also make a lovely and pretty vinegar, so light and good with salads of the tiny lettuce leaves of spring.

Zoomie said...

You two do wonders with spuds and chives - I remember! Keep on truckin'!

peter said...

I gave some though to drying the chive flowers for use as a condiment of some sort, but I haven't done anything about it yet (other than using them to garnish every damn thing.)

Greg said...

Now a tomato and potato rancher. Thanks for the sweet oranges!

cookiecrumb said...

Amy: I have really got to get your book. I love small dishes. Thanks for the idea about buying chive blossoms at the market, because we could happily donate boxes full of them to some of our favorite farmers.
PS: Chives grow in balcony pots!

Mouse: Isn't it charming? Nostalgic, and -- edible!

Anita: All's well. We didn't plant the taters. Might have lost them to dehydration, but we're going to try tomorrow anyway. Thanks for the agriculture tip.

Kate: You are right about the timing. Ours are fading. But so pretty and good in the mouth.
Thanks for all the gardening info. I must draw maps.

Libby: Vinegar! You are a woman after my own heart.

Zoomie: And we keep doing it. I have to restrain from putting up all the tater and chive pix.

Peter: Drying! That would be easily done, here in my arid, windy neighborhood. Thanks for the idea.

Greg: We're still greenhorns on the potato ranch. Heh. (Them oranges is good, eh?)

Sam said...

Eat your heart out Ubuntu. My friends do your stuff at home, just as a matter of fact ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Blush, giggle.
Let's go back, avec le Fred, and see who rules.

denise said...

one little potato is better than no potato... did you plant any ozette's? those were my favorite potato last year. happy planting!

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, Denise: They might actually have been ozette's! We do have a little memory gap upon bringing home the fresh spuds from the market, and then waiting while they grow eyes.
Happy planting to you, too.