Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lunch Today

It's been just one year since the great Cheese Sandwich blog blow-up. We were supposed to be ashamed of talking about what we ate. Even though we were food bloggers.
Well, we're still not ashamed. We're proud.
Here's what I had for lunch today: smoked salmon, nice olive bread, all the right trimmings.
Everything for about $10, for the two of us. You wouldn't get that in a yupporiffic restaurant.
I think it's something worth bragging about. Even if I do sound like a horrible recluse.
Tomorrow I'm having a non-recluse dinner with a bunch of cheese-sandwich bloggers. Yeah.
But the menu's not cheese sandwiches.
That's for later. And forever.


Shauna said...

Yeah is right. That looks damned good.

Anna Haight said...

I read this, then Kalyn's post. You go girl! Cheese Sandwiches forever!

Kalyn said...

That's pretty darn cute. I remembered, and a couple of people asked me if there would be an anniversary, but I decided we had all moved on. Not from talking about what we're eating though. Let's hope we never move on from that. Many happy returns of the day. You're a great blogging buddy.

tammy said...

I totally remember that article and thinking, I kinda like cheese sandwiches. Maybe I should look into this blogging thing.

farmgirl said...

Love the knotted onion! : )

Greg said...

yupporiffic...I like it.You mind if I borrow/steal your new word?

Dagny said...

It's a good thing I already ate lunch. Otherwise I'd be salivating right now. But now I have ideas of what to do with myself this week.

Sam said...

whilst you are having your non recluse dinner i think i am going to have my recluse one. I was becoming overwhelmed and though I am sad, I spent the day doing my taxes and I am much better off for having done it.

hope you won't be reclusive next sunday. Maybe there will be something for some of us to celebrate.


D-man said...

Wow! A picture of heaven. Sourdough olive bread with smoked salmon is quite possibly my favorite combination in the whole world. And while I have not cold-smoked my own salmon, I have enjoyed on a few occasions this combination with my own bread and salmon. Your pic is so frickin' candy-licious to me though, that I'm just gonna blurt it out: this summer, when my onions and herbs are going, I'm gonna one-up you and go catch the damn fish myself, smoke it, bake my own olive bread, raid the garden.....and then share with you and cranky.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

You tied the onion in a knot! You. Are so darn fantastic!

cookiecrumb said...

Shauna: Yeah, YES-Girl! Available gluten-free in kitchens near you. :D

Anna: Isn't it fun to catch up on the history? Kalyn did a back-breaking job on that post, rounding it all up.

Kalyn: Right? (Among the blog buddies, you were my first.)

Tammy: You also have to do it in your pajamas; you still with us?

Farmgirl: Ooh. I'm so tickled you noticed.

Greg: You've been ransacking my vocabulary for, what, how long? I don't mind if you help yourself to yet another neologism.

Dagny: Find the best salmon you can. You are a fancy thing, you.

Sam: We had a roaring great time; I'm sure you'll get more details. Meanwhile, I'm ironing my party dress.

D-Man: You know, I brag about your kitchen skills to Cranky a lot. So it's pretty thrilling to see you flip out for a simple canape. Anyway, it's a date.

Jennifer: Well, see, the fennel sprig kept slipping off, and... If I can't get my white balance right, at least I can play with my food. :)

Sam said...

oh now i feel worse. it would have been easier if everything had sucked.
sometimes i think i would be better off by myself so i could do exactly whatever i wanted whenever i wanted to do it.

tammy said...

Since when am I not in my pajamas?

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: We have a concept here in the U.S.
It's called "Get a Life."
Apparently you already had a life when this silly goose thing transpired. It was fun, but: You had a life.
See you soon.

Tammy: I knew that.

Sam said...

sometimes I hide the truth so I can spend hours wallowing in self pity without any life whatsoever, bemoaning my pathetic-ness.

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: Yes, well -- I have a package intended just for you on the way in the mail. It will cheer you up, really. You need it. You will just love the heck out of it. You will.
(Cos, everybody else: You would just love it. I will leave it to Sam to spread the love.)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Hmmm! Wish I can get lunches like this. Looks yummy!!

ChrisB said...

CC that smoke salmon looked good

sam having read your comments I'm worried about you !!!

Passionate Eater said...

Congrats, YOU made Tastespotting for an amazing pic!

cookiecrumb said...

PE! Whoa! How cool. I didn't even do self-promotion. Thanks for letting me know; I'd probably have missed it.

kitchenmage said...

I was led here while grabbing links for my own reminiscence on cheese sandwiches... I'll have to go add a link to this because that is a gorgeous picture.

cookiecrumb said...

Hi, Kitchenmage: You are on my cyberblogroll (my Bloglines list), so we should trade comments more often.
Thanks for the compliment!!