Monday, February 19, 2007

Skeletons in My Closet

Mary, the spicy Jalapeño Girl, tagged me for the Five Things meme. I've already participated, but I told her it would be fun to think of five more things.
Besides, I'm out of ideas for other blog posts, so thanks, Mary.
6. I have lived at at least 25 addresses, not counting college housing. Having a father in the Navy accounts for much of that, but once you've got home-hoppping in your blood, it's hard to give it up. There may be a move in my near future.
7. I still don't know where everything is in the house I live in now. I'll open door after door in the kitchen, and finally concede that the missing item is on a shelf out in the garage. Which it's not; it's just behind the cabinet door I haven't opened yet. I blogged about a really cute kitchen item a while back, and today I simply can't find it. Cute, but missing.
8. I gave away so-o-o many shoes when we moved two years ago, yet I still have an Imelda problem. There's a big box of shoes I haven't even unpacked, shoved into the back of a closet. So what do I wear on a daily basis? Some dumpy black clogs or a pair of suspiciously new-looking Converse All-Stars.
9. I really like Will Ferrell movies. Well, not Zoolander.
10. Cranky and I have been cooking for each other since our first date. We have a "family anecdote," you know, the type of tale that gets tiresomely trotted out at gatherings, about The Time Cranky Used Too Much Garlic.
I won't be tagging anyone else, since I've already bothered people, but I have enjoyed reading all your sordid little secrets.


sher said...

Just keep on doing these things about you, when you run out of post ideas! And while you're looking for lost items in your house, could you look to see if my favorite paring knife is there? Maybe it went traveling because it sure isn't here anymore!!!!

Dagny said...

Hmmmm. I like Zoolander. Grasshopper and I like to do our own Blue Steel looks when we're out and about.

And maybe you could talk to my mother about the need to get rid of shoes. Because I've been calling her Imelda since I was in high school.

Melissa said...


Will Ferrell is *genius* in Zoolander. I am laughing just thinking about him and the whole rest of the movie.


Beccy said...

My hubby thinks I have too many pairs of shoes and truthfully I have about 15 pairs which I think is a few. Mum on the other hand...

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, Sher: I definitely have your paring knife. Somewhere over where that missing thing is.

Dagny: Should I reconsider? I've watched it twice, yecch. Cool to know we all get the Imelda thing. (Oh, bonus: I know the reporter who went to the Phillipines and discovered her shoe closet, and started this whole shoe mythology.)

Melissa: Now I'm really doubting myself. But that hairdo on Ferrell!!! Enuff to scare a transvestite albino crab. With curly claws.

Beccy: Shoes are good. Click your heels together three times and repeat after me, "Shoes are good."

Dagny said...

Oh dear. I cannot mention this to my mother. Seeing photos of all those shoes, would be like getting a drug fix for her. She once told me that it is perfectly normal to own 200+ pairs of shoes. Uh huh.

Anna Haight said...

I sure hope this possible move isn't taking you out of Marin neighbor!

Tea said...

But if it brings you back to SF, I'm all for it:-)

s'kat said...

I grew up in a military family, so completely understand the need to keep moving. After a few years in one place, I start feeling itchy!

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: I knew a woman whose mother advised her not to let her husband-to-be find out about all the shoes. "Hide them."

Anna: Maybe, though I've never been more comfortable anywhere else.

Tea: Yeah, while *you* make your getaway to who knows where?

s'kat: You get into trouble living in any one place too long. Shoes start piling up.

Tana said...

I have moved over 100 times. I have lived in three places for more than a year, including one house in my childhood (eight years) and this house (since 1994). I don't want to move again for a long time.

What size are your shoes?

: D

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, jeez, Tana. That might be too many moves. I can understand why you want to stay put. (Well, that, and you're happy, too, which is a great localizer.)
What size are my shoes? Right now, about 10 cubic feet. Oh. I mean 6 1/2.