Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Beer, Mate

It's the weekend.
The temperature's up.


Moonbear said...

Great blog entry! Here's to the temperature!

Catherine said...

T-shirt weather! Let it last through ski week (we're hitting the beach). Hmm. I know I'm letting my country folk down, but most of it I find undrinkable unless mixed with 7-Up (now a Shandy is a different animal) Go ahead...scorn on...I'm a proud Shandy lover. Soda -like beers like Rolling Rock could be stomached in a pinch, but uggghh.

Why English cider isn't more prevalent here is beyond
me. But then, a cold diet caffine-free coke hits the spot for me.

Susan said...

Sooo cool.

Dagny said...

I have been celebrating the increase in temperature over the last few days by wearing skirts. Oooo. And Catherine mentioned cider. I know just the place to get some.

Greg said...

Let me buy you a virtual brewski cookiecrumb.Happy long weedend.

cookiecrumb said...

Moonbear: Actually, I'm not mad about beer, but I'm crazy about the weather.

Catherine: Last English cider I had was in Sebastopol, but I know we have it closer. I like it too.

Susan: Yurp!

Dagny: I am in the indecisive throes of whether or not to order a catalog skirt. It's pretty cool, but a little $$. Where's your cider?

Greg: Well, thanky! This is a long weekend? Us retired folks aren't attuned to that stuff. Cool. Happy cold refreshment to you, too.

Dagny said...

Pomegranate cider at Triple Rock.

cookiecrumb said...

Pomegranate! I'm goin' over there.
(And so good for you.)