Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush's Iraq Strategy



ByTheBay said...

Good Lord, I want to squish his ugly little head more than ever today...

Dagny said...

I have to say that he did seem to read pretty well from the teleprompter last night. (That's about the only compliment that I can give.) Well, for the little of the speech that I heard. I had to leave the room because my "real dad" proclaimed that he was trying to listen to his president. *sigh* Yes, he actually voted for him. Yes, he actually believes that W is intelligent. Maybe it was the couple of Stoli screwdrivers, in which the OJ makes a guest appearance, that he downed before the speech. The "he" in the last sentence would be my "real dad," not W.

Stacie said...

that photo is priceless!!! no, wait, I believe the price has been paid tenfold... egads!

Monkey Gland said...

Please Miss, What's a surge?

Anna Haight said...

From the SJMN:

Bipartisan agreement: Bush's Iraq plan a loser

and here's another:

Army secretary: Troop boost 'absolutely required'

"Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey said Thursday that adding 92,000 permanent soldiers to the U.S. military is "absolutely required" to "fight the global war on terrorism."

"The Associated Press has reported that it costs about $1.2 billion for 10,000 additional troops."

I guess they must be looking at attacking Iran & places like Somalia... no wonder he has that silly grin. "I am the decider"

Maybe congress will finally take away his toys.

Julie said...

Brilliant! This should be a bumper sticker. In the meantime I'm printing it out for my bulletin board.

mrs d said...

But but but Condi said it wasn't an escalation!

Oh, right, she said "augmentation." Well, that's entirely different.


Kate said...

I am with bythebay.....squish like a nasty ol' bug

criminy does this ever make me MAD

Greg said...

Holy Moley Batman what a photo!