Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did Anybody Catch This?

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone Tuesday by playing "Lovely Rita, Meter Maid," a Beatles song.

You can't get Beatles songs on iTunes!
Sure, you can get "Beatles" songs. But not real Beatles songs.
Is that whole Apple Corps/Apple Computer legal dustup still going on? Or was Jobs hinting of a new playlist to come?

I see that an AP story has addressed this curiosity today, finally. But not solved it. Damn. I thought I was the only crazy person here. Good. OK.
Update: Derrick and Melissa clue me in to some insidery clue-ininess. In Comments.


Derrick said...

There's a rumor that they've finally settled and that you will soon find Beatles songs on iTunes.

Just not yet

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, thank you, Derrick.
I just KNEW there must be a rumor somewhere out there on the Netz, but I was too lazy to delve.
That is so cool.
Thank you.

melissa said...

Ha, I see Derrick commented but he did not tell you about the SFist post regarding the Beatles song during the keynote. The post is very amusing. I put it as my url above...

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks Melissa. Derrick is too coy.
I'm actually rather pleased with myself that I picked up on this hidden message, when all of the mainstream media just glossed over it.
So I really appreciate your confirmation (of sorts, or at least recognition of the same red herring). Fun.

sfmike said...

The really odd news is that the term "iPhone" had been trademarked by Cisco Systems back in 2000 and nobody among the legions of Apple lawyers managed to check that out. So Cisco is suing them. Jeesh.

Jack said...

sfmike: Apple signed a licensing agreement an hour or so before their "show" announcing the iPhone.

In general, it's gorgeous to look at but I'm not convinced that it will be a pleasure to own, esp. the first edition. Then again, it's not even due to ship until JUNE, so who knows what will change by then. And how do you feel about 4GB/8GB (for $100 more)?

Jack said...

SFMike: Well, that's what I read yesterday. I see on BoingBoing now that the negotiation instead failed and the Cisco is suing them. Woo-hoo! Perhaps Steve can pay with those options he gave himself that apparently no actual board meeting was held to approve such. Yeah, that's the ticket!

cookiecrumb said...

While reading the news yesterday of the new iPhone to Cranky, I had to remind him that I believed this was already a copyrighted name... How could they be using it?
Well, I assumed Steve had worked it all out, just in the nick of time.
And yet, oh! Such developments.

Kevin said...

Have you heard the new Beatles album, "Love?" It's surprisingly poignant.

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin: Oh, right. Cirque du Soleil. No I haven't heard it, but it seems like a very nice thing.

Beccy said...

Not only did I not catch it but I practically missed the whole hysteria that has come in its wake!

Dagny said...

News today is that Cisco is suing. There was never an agreement signed as they never completed negotiations.

Jack said...

Here's more, um, conjecture:

cookiecrumb said...

Good read, Jack. Good read.
Go read, people.
Yawp! Not over yet.