Friday, December 29, 2006

Thereby Hangs a Tale, Or a Thug

I'm opposed to the death penalty. Just to clear that up.
We've got a big old dead guy in the news, and Wonkette, as usual, is being irreverent.
I'm sorry. The guy's dead. But sometimes "irreverent" is just right.
So Wonk says:
"Anyway, commenter dimestorefool wins our comment of the day award:
'James Brown, Jerry Ford and now Saddam — why do the great entertainers always die in threes?' "
Salaam, Saddam — the hardest working dictator in showbiz.


Stacie said...

Yeah, he was great in his recurring role on South Park! But is the world now a better place??

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie: Cranky laughed out loud.


Katie said...


kathyF said...

Okay, that was the funniest line I heard all week. But now I'm quitting the internet for good. Really. This time I mean it.

Tammy said...

Here, here.