Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006. Nothing To See. Move On, Folks.

Obligatory Year-End Roundup

Tributes to all those famous dead people.
Favorite meals.
Best 10 list.
Things I did that are so cool, you'd kill yourself if you knew, because you'll never... Eh.
Great movies I saw.
All-time bozo political screwups.
Cutest puppy pictures.
Britney scandals, and then some.
Oh, yeah. Lindsay Lohan.
Cloned meat.



Stacie said...

James Brown, local taco, David Letterman, sat in the back seat of a Pinto while the firemen took the roof off with power tools, Great Balls of Fire (it was on TV last night), GWB, yours (of course), cootchie-shot, Prairie Home Companion, NO! Yeah! I'm bored and you're the only one home in the blogesphere...

Katie said...

This morning, on EuroNews 'No Comment', they did the obligatory year-end bit. The nice thing about 'No Comment' is....there's no comment - no talking heads, nothing. Just pic's and one has to figure out what the h___ is going on. Entertainment for breakfast!

Katie said...

Forgot....Happy New Year!

Bonnie said...

You make me laugh.

You and Cranky are on my list of Top 10 Fun & Interesting People Met This Year -- hope to see you again soon.

Catherine said...

Happy New Year guys!

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie: Keep 'em coming! I ain't done yet.

Katie: That sounds like the way to do it. Good tidings to you, too.

Bonnie: You and Bart are on my Have Dinner With in 2007 Really Soon, Please list. OK?

Catherine: Thanks! You too.

mrs d said...

Meh doesn't begin to cover it. I can't even articulate how bad this year has been in every way.

I think I'm going to wish everyone Happier New Year with emphasis on the "er" because lord knows we all need it.