Friday, December 29, 2006

Survival Larder

I found myself on a Web site I've never visited before, by way of megnut.
The theme of the post was to list 10 items (give or take) that you need to have in your kitchen to make good food.
Well, in my kitchen the items would vary seasonally, and based on my whims. Oh, all right, I realize this roundup is for all-the-time items. Preserveable items, or items available year round. Fallbacks. Must-haves.
All right. What could I not do without — provided I was allowed to buy all the other fruit and meat and vegetables I wanted?
I came up with this list. I'll bet a dollar I would probably alter the list tomorrow, but right now it works for me.
You'll notice there's no pasta on my list. I do believe pasta is a kitchen staple, but it sort of fell off my list when I started eating a local diet. I have boxes and bags and packages of dried pasta in my pantry to eat up, and one of these days, I will.
I'm flexible. (Because I'm not always entirely local when it comes to flavorings, like soy sauce and spices.)
Tomatoes (frozen if not in season)
Herbs & Spices
Dried Beans
Soy Sauce/Salt
Ha, ha. This is fun. I can't wait to see what I'll think up tomorrow. I know I doubled up a bunch of items, but you might be able to talk me into picking just the one or the other... Maybe.
What would you choose? Feel free to swipe this meme-theme for your own blog.


Wren said...

I LOVE that cheese at the top of your list.

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, Wren, that's the one thing on my list you could actually eat without going to any trouble. :D

Stacie said...

what time is dinner?

Tea said...

For me dijon mustard would have to be on the list (I tried to find a local dijon during ELC and failed, but I eat it anyway--love the stuff).

Good list!

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie: All the time!

Tea: I just spent 45 minutes cruising the Netz to learn how to harvest local, wild mustard seeds. Eh. Darn. Rats. They be toxic.
Oh, well. You wanna go on a field trip and collect flowers and leaves? We can eat those. They'll be blooming within a few weeks, I predict.