Sunday, November 12, 2006

Non-Food Weekend

Funny tummy the past few days; Cranky too. Don't know why.
I'm also really annoyed with myself for a couple of photographic failures this afternoon. My excuse is I'm still not feeling excellent, but the truth is I think I just don't hold my camera still enough.
Sigh. Back to mastering that monstrous tripod.
The days grow shorter and darker and I grow frustrated. I'm determined to master it.
(I know, Biggles. Lights. I'm on it.)
So here's a picture of something I enjoyed a few days ago. Perfect, hot, fresh, house-made french fries. Didn't want a drop of ketchup on 'em.
Wait. You don't think that's why my tummy...


mrs d said...

I hear ya.

I have a hunch it may be a while before I do many new food snappies 'round here. Our house may be cute and cozy, but it's sorely lacking in photo-friendly light sources.

I wanna get me one of those teensy table top tripods. They're even cuter than bento boxes.

Stacie said...

I don't want to say it, but the figs? You crazy fig-freaks! FIGS YEAH!

sfmike said...

I was wondering about that fig chutney myself.

KathyF said...

My frites were better than your frites.

Kalyn said...

Sometimes when I'm taking pictures I think I've done everything exactly the same and they still turn out fuzzy. (I use a stack of cookbooks for a tripod, LOL. If it needs to be lower, just take one off. Much easier than a real tripod. But I should try one of those tiny ones.)

Dagny said...

I like mustard on my fries.

Kevin said...

CC (and Miz D),
I bought some $10 clip-on lamps at Home Depot and some 300 watt bulbs. It's not daylight, but they work reasonable well.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: My townhouse has no windows downstairs on THREE SIDES. And it's raining.

Stacie: I used to hate all those little seeds. Wonder what happened? Probably because I fell in love with tobiko.

SFMike: What a lovely, noncommital remark. Thank you, I think. :D

KathyF: Well, Brussels! Yeah! Home of "we invented 'em." Beautiful.

Kalyn: Right now I'm just struggling with what to perch the dish on. I guess I'd better clear off the counters and get some good lights. I like your quickie "tripod."

Dagny: Mm. Will think about that. Ever try mayonnaise?

Kevin (and Miz D): Here's a link for hardware store lighting the good Dr. Biggles sent me recently. What a cool rig. 500 watts times two. (Must wear shades.)

kudzu said...

Until I clicked on the link for Biggles's suggestion, I thought you were referring to interior lighting for your home. I invested in broad spectrum lamps a couple of years ago (supposedly "day light" spectrum) and they made an enormous difference when SAD set in. They're much less expensive now. Check out the ad in the NYT Book Review, for instance. Worth the trouble, for sure.

My new home is very light but I am still going to use those lamps where I spend the most time, like my office.

De-lightedly yours, kudzu

pinknest said...

but what about a bit o'mayo? :)

mrs d said...

Oh, I've got lights (still packed, at the moment). I used to be a theater techie, remember? It's just that my old camera and indoor light don't get along at all. I have to photoshop the crap out of any pic I take that's not lit by the sun.

Tana said...

Get a little tabletop tripod--they're about five inches tall and work great.

I've got one like this and it works great for food.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Right, that must be why I spend so much time at the computer in my house -- it's the lightest room. (Don't you love the appropriateness of the acronym for SAD? Boo-hoo.) I've seen those lights advertised in NYT Book Review. I wasn't sure they were of "therapeutic" wattage. Of course, with a 500-watt set, I can get my jollies *and* set my hair on fire.

Pinknest: But of course! Only the finest, though. I wonder if I can schlep homemade mayo to this restaurant. :D

Mrs D: Oh yeah! Well, I really ought to get more familiar with my Photo Shop Elements app, but I've been lazy.

Tana: Ultra cute. And whatta price! Do you think it would actually support a heavy DSLR?

Mary Ladd said...

Did you make those frites or go somewhere and buy them? They look good.

cookiecrumb said...

Mary: No, moi? Hardly. Chalet Basque in San Rafael.
(How come I can't get to your blog lately??)