Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fig Bling

I can't seem to stop cooking up new recipes for fig chutney.
When I wrote about my fig-onion-fennel seed chutney last month, I got a few comments from Alison of McQuade's Celtic Chutneys. Basically, she dared me to keep stirring up the stuff as long as I could find figs in the market.
Alison, I took your advice.
Yesterday I made a version I plan on serving for my 100-mile Thanksgiving dinner instead of cranberries, with all local ingredients. That's in the fridge now.
But today I cut loose a little and used exotic, imported spices (thanks, spice trade — and to think the world has been embellishing food with exotic, imported spices since ancient times; what will they think of next?).
Even so, I only used two imported spices. The rest of the flavoring was local.
So may I present Fig-Cinnamon-Lemon chutney with habanero, salt and a pinch of ginger. Oh yes, and bay leaves; can't do without my fresh bay leaves.
My tiny Meyer lemon tree pooped out again this year, but not before it birthed a dozen petite lemonlets that failed to grow large and juicy, but did develop pretty yellow rinds. So I pared the rinds of three of them and chopped it not-quite-fine. Stewed it with honey, bay leaves, a splash of rose wine, and one actual lemon tree leaf. I stewed the peeled, halved lemon bodies too, but pulled them and the leaves out at the end. Sprinkled this with a restrained dash of cinnamon (enough to suggest "something," but not enough to regret) and ginger, plus a decent pinch of salt. And a pinch of habanero powder. Ooh!
Then, in went the cut-up figs for about 45 minutes of softening and candying. (No onion this time.)
It's slightly Christmas-y, probably because of the cinnamon. I wonder if it will still be in the fridge by Christmas.


kudzu said...

Aha! If you have lemonlets, make -- chutney! Good recipe. Odd (or not): I just wrote an item advising locals to cook up some chuyney to replace cranberries in a local Thanksgiving feast.

anni said...

CC -

I'll trade you some Feijoa (Pineapple Guava) Chutney for some of your Fig-Cinnamon-Lemon chutney.
I'll even throw in a sample jar of my Fig Confiture to sweeten the trading pot.

My best to Cranky and cute little Beansprout!

Anni :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Because I hate to waste food, especially food I grew!
OK, *not* odd, but wonderful coinkydink about your chutney item. This fig stuff is even the right color!

Anni: Aw, nuts. I saw some feijoas at the market Wednesday and it didn't occur to me to try chutney with them.
Fig confiture! I was going to leave another "coinkydink" comment on your blog, but the whole post was so diverse (about collecting chestnuts), I just couldn't squeeze it in without looking like a nutcase. :-)

Dagny said...

Yummy looking. The only thing I ever use figs for is a tapenade. Thanks for another great idea.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Figs for tapenade? OK, talk, girlfriend. You gotta talk.

Dagny said...

Here's a link to the recipe I use. It's always a hit at parties. And I suppose if you're using fresh, then you can skip the rehydrating step.

Dagny said...

Oh, and I posted photos of it when I had my housewarming last year.

Alison said...

ah - missed this - i've been gone a couple - oh do say you saved some - i promise to give you a chutney basket! sounds delicious......

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Oh, that recipe is just outrageous. Very "party" food. Must try.

Alison: ;-)