Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Way We Ate

I'm about ready to skip April and move right into May. But realistically, we've got about 26 more days to go, and I'm afraid they're going to be soggy.
I love May. My birthday's in May, and my blog's birthday is too.
Then, we've got the Eat Local Challenge in May this year, and I'm already preparing for that.
I had planned to forage lots of yummy wild greens and buds, and preserve them somehow, but this Narnia-type weather (I bought the DVD today! Er, Cranky did. Early birthday present) has inhibited so many of the tender young shoots. Shoot. Or, perhaps more truthfully, it's inhibiting me from going outdoors. It's still awfully bleak out there.
So Cranky and I have been thinking up other ways to celebrate a month of eating local food. We've hit upon a kind of theme (which we'll probably blow off if it becomes too precious).
This photo is a hint.
That's not beer in the glass, it's fresh-pressed apple juice. Local apples, natch.
But the cool thing is the book. Publication date: 1914.


rae said...

hezeus cristo cookiecrumb. this rain is driving me completely insane too. can you please make it stop?!!

cookiecrumb said...

Well, Rae, last month I made a pact with the devil that I'd forgo spring if we could unseat the Republicans.
Am I getting my wish?
(And if so, blame me. And thank me!)

Dagny said...

The rain must stop. I had soggy feet today by the time I crossed campus.

But fresh pressed apple juice ... mmmm. Have you two ever gone done to Julian?

Jennifer Maiser said...

oh please oh please can i see that book at some point?

me? i love april myself. but am looking forward to may.

and PLEASE can it stop raining? it's not funny anymore. i admitted to j about 10 days ago that i wasn't quite sick of the rain yet. i admitted it in a slight whisper because everyone i knew was complaining about it and had been for a month. but now? now i'm done.

Monkey Gland said...

Your only going to eat food that men at the Somme ate? With all the rain your having should be a sinch!

cookiecrumb said...

MG: Mais, non, Farfelu! Vous avez de la ciboulette sur votre dent! :D

Jen: You can actually download the entire book online! Yikes. But I'd love to lend our copy to you (and return your foraging book, and Brophy wants us to get together, what say)

Dagny: Julian. Yes! My parents live in Escondido, so it's been a fun side trip from time to time. Man, this Fuji apple juice is intense.