Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cookiecrumb's In Print

I know. Another bloggers' cookbook. I have no idea if these things are ever very profitable.
This one's a benefit project for Doctors Without Borders, a huge gesture of support coordinated by one of my favorite *mad* bloggers, Kathy Flake of What Do I Know? She and Ginger Mayerson of The Hackenblog put it together in response to the earthquake in Pakistan last October, and what a heroic effort it is.
It's called And They Cook, Too.
I've got a completely discombobulated recipe in the book, and if you read I'm Mad and I Eat every now and then, you'll know that sounds just about right for me.
It's a recipe for a vegan avocadolemono soup. It was actually pretty good; you might want to try it.
But you might also want to try some of the recipes from other contributors, and (ahem) I find myself in some really stellar company. I'll list a few of the superstars I'm rubbing elbows with in the book:
Jeanne d'Arc of Body and Soul
Jenonymous, guest blogger at Steve Gilliard's The News Blog
Meenakshi Agarwal of Hooked on Heat
Gavin M., contributor to Sadly, No!
And lots more.
Recipes are all over the board: Saltimbocca, Key Lime Pie, Pork Fried Rice, Hot Chocolate, The Platonic Ideal of Sauerkraut — just to name a few.
The writing is wry and spirited, and even if you never cook a dish from the book... Well...
Aw, c'mon. Please buy it.


Mona said...

Cookiecrumb, that is so great I'm so excited for you guys. I hope you raise lots of money-I'm going to check it out right away.

kudzu said...

I saw a mention of the book and realized you were in it. Great! Photographer friends (inc. my ex) have worked with Doctors Without Borders in many parts of the world and I know how much they deserve every penny they get. Food is nurturing in so many ways and when we can use our passions for food to provide help, it's wonderful. Merci.

mrs d said...

Hey cool! And what great company! I see Kitchenmage is in it too - rock!

Catherine said...

Way cool, Cookiecrumb! A good cause and congrats!

GastroChick said...

Hi Cookiecrumb
I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now however feel now is the time to congratulate you in your inclusion, for what is such a worthy cause

Dagny said...

Way cool cause.

drbiggles said...

Congratulations! Neat.

OoOoOo, what's next?

vanessa said...

that is a very cool project.

cookiecrumb said...

I just heard from the editor that they've already sold 27 copies, and all the profit goes straight to DWB.

(Gastrochick: Hi. I've seen your name around. Thanks for coming by. I'm checking out your gorgeous blog now.)

michelle said...

Oh, you're in it too? I'm definitely buying this - not only for the wonderful collection of recipes, but to support my buddies and a good cause to boot! Congrats, Cookiecrumb! And I like your 1914 book already too! I just got one that belonged to my grandmother's mother...unfortunately it's missing the cover and first few pages so I don't know how old it is, but the only one I've found with the same name was 1907 - stuff like rabbit stew and my favorite (just for you): cooky recipes (yes! they really spelled it that way!). Now I'm even more inspired to try it! Stay dry!

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks, Michelle! I really think you'll like it.
Ooh, your old book sounds good. Cooky! :D
(Maybe I'll start an oldest book meme. Um. Nah.)