Saturday, June 18, 2005

Oh Cripes, I'm a Vegan!

Posted by: horsecow on Buzznet

Just for today, I mean. In fact, I intend to smear my face with more duck fat tonight, and maybe even some bacon, so not to worry.
Anyway, I knocked a couple of Meyer lemons off the treelet yesterday. They were so ripe they practically jumped into my hands. What to do with perfect home-grown lemons?
Well, let's see: I had just simmered up a delicious pot of vegetable broth made with stems, peels, scrapings and salvages of items I didn't want to waste. I made too many jugs of it to freeze them all, so I had a container of fresh veggie broth to use up pronto.
And I had half a carton of leftover Chinese take-out rice. And a ripe avocado.
So I blended the avocado with a little broth until really smooth, and dumped it into a pot to heat up with the rice, the rest of the broth, and the juice of one beautiful, fragrant, juicy lemon (plus salt and pepper). Presto: Avocadolemono soup! Hold the egg. It was unctuous, slightly tart, chewy with bits of rice -- and a startling pistachio green. I'll spare you the photo.
However, I must show you what to do with the squeezed out rinds of home-grown Meyer lemons. Make preserved lemons!
You know whenever you see a recipe that calls for preserved lemon, it usually tells you to use the rind only, and to discard the pulp? And you ask yourself, "Then why did I waste all that juice and pulp to make this batch?" The solution is to just save the juicy bits of lemon rind and layer them in a jar with generous sprinkles of kosher salt. Let them sit around for a few hours to mingle and ooze, and then cover them with olive oil. A few more days, covered, on the countertop, and then into the fridge they go.
Meanwhile, let's all invite Chris Wallace to go happily poop on himself. No soup for you!


rae said...

you are so lucky to have those meyer lemons! i'm going to make a huge batch of preserved lemons myself and will have to make do with your run of the mill overpriced organic stuff.

claudia said...

1.Characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness. 2.Having the quality or characteristics of oil or ointment; slippery. 3.Containing or composed of oil or fat. 4.Abundant in organic materials; soft and rich: unctuous soil.
Overripe, super-rich, pleasantly blah.

i just had to check out the exact culinary meaning... see i learned something today! how excellent!