Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm Mad and I Eat Meat

No, it's not all tomatoes and peas, all the time. Here's the evidence of a tasty rib dinner I enjoyed a few evenings ago. Couldn't get to the camera any sooner: too busy grunting over my sauce-smeared plate.
When we moved to this condo, we were afraid we'd never be able to smoke spareribs again, for fear of stink-bombing our neighbors.
But! Beloved husband and co-cook developed a quick and relatively clean method for darn-near duplicating the effects of 20 pounds of pork languishing six hours in a big ol' Brinkman water smoker -- in a little Weber Smoky Joe on the patio!
1) Cut up a rack of pork spareribs into four pieces. Not beef. Not baby-back. Just one slab. We used Niman Ranch -- humanely raised and slaughtered, and really yummy. Marinate in a mixture of more beer, less white vinegar, flavored with Worcestershire and Tabasco. Dump all this in a sealable bag and toss in the fridge for a day or two.
2) Build a small charcoal fire. When it's ready, add a handful of soaked wood chips -- finger-sized, not huge lumps. Arrange the ribs on the grill and put the lid on, vent holes open.
3) Turn ribs often, moving them away from the hottest coals, until the smoke dies down and the meat is mahogany colored -- but not entirely cooked. Put the lid back on each time. This only takes 20-30 minutes.
4) Finish the ribs in a LOW oven (260 F), in a foil-covered roasting pan with a sprinkle of water for a couple of hours, until they are pull-apart tender.
5) Only now may you apply BBQ sauce.
6) Do not invite neighbors over. They'll never know.

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