Friday, February 03, 2006

Time Out

To quote from an old New Yorker cartoon, "I'm tired of food."
I still eat (and I'm still mad) but I haven't been very productive lately. I have been tinkering with some experiments in the kitchen; one was a complete, unmitigated horror show, another is shaping up nicely, the third is a science-lab monster in the making — not sure which way it's going to go.
But for sustenance, we're eating cozy things like leftover Chinese turnip cakes, or turkey-tortilla casserole... or today's lunch of Doritos with Greek peperoncini and chive cottage cheese (don't ask, just try it).
Tomorrow, if the weather allows, we're going to go foraging in West Marin.
But for the near future, I've been sniffing around in a new cookbook. I'm packing my head with ideas. I'm bookmarking pages like crazy. I can't wait to try some of these timeless, homey dishes.
Can you guess what book I've been devouring?


mrs d said...

You're back! Are the comments working now?

Yes, this is a test.



cookiecrumb said...

Bingo!!! You win the --- SILVER!
you're a dear

Sam said...

i couldnt lesve the comment yesterday.
I am interested in this book because i just decided NOT to buy it after reading reviews of it on Amazon.
I dont know why i take notice of Amazon reviews when so many blggers are raving, but I did.
SO its up to you to show me what I am missing!

cookiecrumb said...

OK, Sam, I'm not raving yet. I haven't tried a single recipe. It's just that I was so taken by the simple approach to getting food on the table, without any artifice. Lots of the recipes struck me as sort of "We're hungry; is there anything edible in the house, and how shall we put it together?" To me this is cooking with new flavor combinations (not fusion, but peasanty, necessity-driven) I'd never considered.