Thursday, February 02, 2006

All About Meme

Rose at The Hungry Rose invited me to participate in the 4x7 Meme. It's self-explanatory, and here's mine. When you read the list, you may be horrified, tickled, surprised, sickened... but you still won't have any better idea who I really am.
Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life:
1. Strawberry Picker
2. Phonetics researcher
3. Children's book illustrator
4. Newspaper this and that — editor, reporter, columnist

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Die Hard
2. Annie Hall
3. Basic Instinct
4. Blade Runner

Four Places You’ve Lived:
1. Ford Island, HI
2. Oak Harbor, WA
3. Yokosuka, Japan
4. Winter Park, FL

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. Daily Kos
2. Becks & Posh
3. The New York Times
4. Sudoku

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch:
1. The Colbert Report
2. The Family Guy
3. House
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Four of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Tomatoes
2. Buttermilk
3. Beans
4. Fresh English Peas

Four Places You’d Rather Be:
1. Tahiti
2. Right Here, But With Year-Round Sun
3. In a Bigger House
4. That's About It

I could swear I'm the last person in the blogosphere to get tagged for this, but let's try bothering ... uh, no. Never mind.


Mona said...

Cookiecrumb, nice meme post! You've lived in some pretty cool places! I'll have to agree with you on Woodie Allen making your top 4 movies-I've just finished watching almost every one he ever came out with-I have to say I've neve laughed so hard as I did watching Sleeper...ha!

mrs d said...

Heh. We just got tagged for this one (and we'll get to it soon... as soon as I finish the other one that some wacky girl with pictures of boob scarves tagged me for... oh... wait... ahem.)

So, you're not last. However, it is interesting to note that the meme morphed. You were tagged for the 4x7 meme. I was tagged for 4x8. (Missing query is four places been on vacation, which for us is excruciatingly dull, but we'll include it anyway.)

Dig the children's book illustrator thing. Much writing for children goes on in my family.

Also: have I mentioned that Die Hard is Chopper's and my annual Christmas Eve film? Who needs Miracle on 34th Street when we can have Alan Rickman.

Dagny said...

I am so with you on the year-round sun. Why is it everytime I decide to venture out, it starts raining again?

Oh, and I have to agree with Mrs. D. Nothing says "holiday season" like Die Hard. Well, I guess there is always The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Rose said...

hmmm..I did tag you for the 4x8 meme so someone did a little cutting...hee hee :-)

Is that the US Base in Japan?

I think my other tag Barbara from Winos and Foodies was also a strawberry picker too!

I love THE FAMILY GUY!!!!! And I even got my mom into watching it :-)

thanks for doing's fun, no?

cookiecrumb said...

OK, first reply to Rose: I initially called this the 4x8 (and even published it that way) until I went back and looked at the questions on your post, and there were only seven! Go see. So I edited. What was the missing question? Oh, vacation: Deadwood SD, Hanalei HI, Nantucket MA, Columbia CA. :D
Mona: See, you think you sorta know someone and then you find out... Hey, aren't you a little young to endure the entire oeuvre of Woody Allen? See, that's what I mean. I didn't know that about you.
Mrs D: OMG. Ha ha ha! (Yes, *Alan Rickman*.)
Dagny: You too? I'm astounded. I was trying to freak people out with my odd choices, and yet... And yet. (Tomorrow is gonna be a sunny day in the Bay Area.)

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, and Rose: Yes, the Navy base in Japan. And I already spoofed with Barbara about being fellow berry pickers. (Y'know, Mrs D was one too.)
Yeah, fun!

mrs d said...

A berry picker dosed up on Allerest (can't remember when the last time was I saw that one at the drug store) because the berry fields were full of evil red top grass.

Okay... somewhere, somehow, vacations got lost. We were tagged by Biscuit Girl and she's got vacations on hers. Very odd... Or maybe not. This is playground telephone, after all.

I'm working on the meme you tagged me for back on the 11th, by the way. Tardy but not forgotten.

Jennifer Maiser said...

Is that picture of you? It is so dang cool.

I didn't get tagged ... but I think that people have stopped tagging me cause I never answer them. I'm a bad bad blogger. :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: I'm not tagging you again until you play nice!! :D
Jen: Yes, that's "Mid-Century Me." (I am *not* eating Crisco in that picture; you can clearly see the chocolate on my face. :P) I'm not tagging you either!

Sam said...

why haven't you got Commando on your movie list? That's one of my favourites. But awwww, there I am, I am so honoured. thank you.

I am way behind with my memes.
I can't cope with it all.
I don't think it makes me a bad blogger (you neither, jen), but I do think it proves I am not superhuman. Shame that. Oh well.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, Sam: You're double-triple bookmarked!
Hm. Gonna rent "Commando" now, even if you're just spoofing. Ahnuld!! (and Alyssa Milano, ew...)

Sam said...

i really do love commando.
and i also love The running man
both of these i could watch over and over again for endless entertainment without having to access my brain cells.
Commando is hilarious

lisa--In a Nutshell said...

CC--I'm dailykos from waaaay back...probably about fall of 2003. I have to limit my time on there, though, as my blood pressure begins to rise. Also, if you like The Colbert Report, I assume you like The Daily Show, and if you like TDS, then I have to recommend that you give Countdown with Keith Olbermann a chance. MSNBC @ 5 pm M-F. It's a mixture of real news with a snarky tone and an irreverent approach to much of what passes as news in this country. Keith is pretty much the last "newscaster" who still has my respect these days...And one last thing: Curb Your Enthusiasm RULES!!

Sam said...

nah - forget it - just watch Commando to see what our gov is up to!

cookiecrumb said...

Lisa: Yeah, I always watch TDS, but it's sharking a bit lately. Never caught Olbermann, so thanks for the recommendation. It's not on past my bedtime! (I'm proud to boast I have a "lowish" user ID# at Kos...)
However! Yeah, Sam, Cranky's at the video store now!

Rose said...

i've been mia the last few days...

Kalyn originally tagged me for this and she didn't have "vacations" but she also didn't have "4x8". I think I saw it somewhere else and used the name. Whoops!

I am horrible at math, so that is my excuse :-)

I didn't realize you and Barbara had already spoofed around about being berry pickers...did you eat a lot of what you picked?

cookiecrumb said...

I'm telling you, Rose, it was child labor. We got paid practically nothing. But yeah, I ate berries! A friend tells me that when her grandfather was a strawberry picker, the foreman made pickers chew gum so they wouldn't eat the berries!

kudzu said...

Hanalei, huh? You must know that little clutch of houses in Haena just before you get to Kee'e (sp? my Hawaiian is rusty). I've stayed in one of them twice with family, other members of family have stayed in them almost each year. Near the Botanical Gardens. My idea of the Goddess-sent climate, with dawn walks on Tunnels Beach, scent of plumeria, grilling fish outside. Damn!! What are we doing here in the rain????

Dagny said...

Thank you for the weather report. I loved the sunshine today. I felt the need to soak up as much as possible because who knows what the weather will be like by next weekend.

mrs d said...

That's it. I'm tagging Sam for my next meme, just cuz.

(Dang. I just now realized I forgot to tag people for the one that's up now. As if anyone at all hasn't already done it...)

So... what's considered a "lowish" id over at Kos? Curious lefties want to know. (Mine's somewhere in the 15500 range. Not that I ever post there.)