Monday, November 14, 2005

Fascists in Marin

At our usual enoteca today (where we smuggled in the doggie inside my purse, as well as some lunch in the form of olives, goat cheese, an apple and some bread), we sat on the patio with a view of the crazy parking lot, and ordered glasses of zinfandel.
It's always crazy there, with bad drivers, bad walkers, and other doggies walking by.
We like to watch the passing scene, including the influx of cars parking (poorly) and the outflow of cars exiting (poorly).
Today, a car parked especially poorly. It drove up with a bumper sticker that said "Smaq Iraq." Two stickers, actually, each homemade, made up of put-together bits of previously printed stickers.
The cowboy-hat-wearing driver walked into our enoteca, where we were sitting outside, and as she came into earshot, Cranky shouted out, "Smack Iraq? We're supposed to be protecting it!"
She answered, "I'm a patriot."
Remind me not to wear a cowboy hat.
It used to be that "Support Our Troops" was a bumper sticker that actually meant "Support the President's War." Now they're saying "Let's Just Kill The Towelheads, Eh?"
Presnit has lost his message.
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Harmonia: Thanks for coming by. Rae's great and I'm pleased she directed you this way.