Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Because You Need a Laff

Skip Julie & Julia, and head straight for Jules.
Have you heard about this restaurant-reviewer stalker with a blog? She shadows New York Times diner-in-chief, Frank Bruni, and lampoons him on http://brunidigest.blogspot.com/. She's mercilessly funny. A little potty-mouthed. And she decorates her reviews of Bruni's reviews with inappropriately appropriate art.
There's an AP story about it here .
What do you think — should I start a blog-stalker blog and lampoon her?
Nah. She's too good.
Maybe I should just continue to sit quietly in the dark, rocking... Wondering why Michael Bauer thinks "dices" is a plural noun.


Mona said...

Hey Madeater,
Yes, how bout her? I knew of Bruni Digest ever since I dogged the Brunmeister in a post once and someone referred me to her site. She can be really funny but sometimes I feel like I barely understand Bruni OR her posts. Ha, now that cat's outta the bag :)

rae said...

holy cow cookiecrumb that woman is hilarious! i mean,

"You see, like a sebaceous teenager fluent in online porn but decades away from touching his first boobie, Frank has mostly experienced the far east in fusions and fanciness, but dammit, he wants the real thing. Basically, it’s hard to feel like you’re really in Kyoto when you’re eating miso-glazed Cheez-its off Robert Downey Jr’s lap."

oh no, i'm laughing so hard i gotta pee. see ya.

cookiecrumb said...

Mona and Rae: I'm bummed, 1) because I didn't know about her before now, and 2) because I'll never be that funny.

Brett said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the link. I regularly read Bruni's reviews and, frankly (no pun intended), don't like his writing style. I miss the previous reviewer, William Grimes.

cookiecrumb said...

Brett: Bookmark her! I did.
(Grimes had a nice touch; agreed. But I hadn't actually realized how silly Bruni is until Jules decontextualized him.)