Sunday, November 13, 2005

Go Read the Next Item

After you watch this clip.
Is this man intoxicated ?


johng said...

Nah, he's sober.

It's the folks who voted for him were drunk.

Have you noticed the one good thing that has happened in the past couple of months? All the fools riding round with their W bumperstickers have finally peeled them off.

Ruthie said...

Sounds drunk to me. The black woman in the crowd behind him when he's talking about his anniversary trip to Aregentina is similing but looking really horrified at the same time. Priceless.

Tana said...

He's drunk all right.

And that Virginia loser guy is MORTIFIED that he's on stage.

This is the meltdown we've long awaited: just pray they keep his stubby little fingers away from The Button. (Not Laura's!)

Wouldn't it be cool if she left him?

Greg said...

He had a Texas six course dinner... A six pack and a bag o chips
Yee Haw!