Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Was Hungry

Ever had this for supper? I first had it at a funny saloon on Fisherman's Wharf called Jack's Taps, which prides itself on a sort of fakey British pub atmosphere (and since I've never been to England, I can't really even comment). Oh, and something like 85 beers on tap, but I believe that's a bit of exaggeration.
This joint is in the former digs of a fakey British restaurant called the Ben Jonson, long closed: roaring fireplace, legs of — oh, I forget, mutton? No, this is America. I think they served prime rib. Sorrel soup, I do remember...
Anyway, this pub meal captivated me right away: simple and dumb and homey. It was one of those days when I just couldn't face anything too complicated, but I needed to be fed.
Same feeling swept over me today: Leave my brain out of it, but get something into my tummy.
Beloved husband and co-cook to the rescue.
Our version: Imported Heinz baked beans (they're vegetarian, and fortunately, they are available in at least two Marin County markets that I know of), warmed up nicely and slopped over toasted white bread that has had some good cheddar cheese broiled into submission on it. Some versions have the cheese melted on top of the toast 'n' beans; mine's inside-out. Also, I gather I'm supposed to have sprinkled genuine English Maldon salt on it, but I find the beans and cheese salty enough.
Not very local, eh? (However. The cheese was from Petaluma.) Hey, I got fed.


Brett said...

Beans on toast! I once visited a friend who spent her junior year of college at a British university (to learn the language?). One of her flatmates introduced me to this odd-sounding, yet surprisingly yummy comfort food. Although I haven't had it since, I always think of it whenever I see those blue cans of Heinz beans in the "British food section" of our local market (along with the McVitties Digestive tea biscuits).

cookiecrumb said...

Yes! The blue can. You can make it too!

Monkey Gland said...

Now, Now this is a very serious business. Beans on Toast is default food. It's ultimate comfort food, with cheese, with Worcestershire Sauce, with sausages, with a fried egg, with bacon. It's the great social leveller, everyone has eaten this and frankly there is nothing better on a dreary February evening with the rain hammering down...food of the gods.

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, MG, I fully appreciate that. I was hoping you'd notice my post, in fact.
Serious comfort food. Next time, with eggs.

Rozanne said...

I think everyone else has covered the strange British fascination with beans on toast, but did you know baked beans also quite occassionally make an appearance as part of the famous Full English (or Scottish) Breakfast?

Believe me, that's about the last thing you want to see after a night of heavy drinking.