Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Still Eat

I just don't talk about it every day. Some days, I'm actually tired of food — but one needs nutrients, so in they go.
Yesterday we made a fantastic melange of fresh cranberry beans with sliced Brussels sprouts, chopped onions and diced crisp bacon. It was screamingly good, but I didn't take a picture. We'll be doing it again soon, so maybe you can see it next time. By the way, I am adamant about either slicing Brussels sprouts, or going to all the trouble of separating the leaves, one by one. Slicing is easier — and you then get a much tastier result from cooking, because the little bastids aren't suffocating in sulfury steam.
In the meantime, here's what's going on the the cookiecrumby kitchen: More infused vodka.We bought a slightly better brand of hooch this time, so it's not as gassy as last time. The flavoring agents were a few sprigs each of mint and sage from the pots on the patio. I only left the herbs in there for about 20 hours (which was the same as my experience with fresh fennel flowers last month: doesn't take long to get all flavory). The mint slightly outflavored the sage, but I think that's serendipitous — the sage is the bottom note, if you speak perfume, and the mint is the top. (Wow, infused vodka is so gay.)
Today we had raindrops. Fall is intruding. Just this morning I was marveling at the beautiful autumn leaves that have been showing up on the patio.


Jennifer said...

Your lastest infusions sound yummy... I have also noticed that the infusion part doesn't take too long, but I recently decided to keep one of my experiments infusing for longer than before. And I must report that after a month, the intensity and nuance of the flavor is so much greater than when it was only a week old. Even though it tasted good then, too. Ahh, playing with vodka is sooo much fun.

And on a totally non-food topic - did you see this: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20051010/olds
I love Sharon Olds, so this was especially meaningful to me.

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks Jennifer. I've been inspired by your infusions, so you get the credit. (Wow, what was it you let brew for a whole month?)
Also: Sharon Olds kicks serious butt. Everybody else, go read it.