Monday, August 08, 2005

Redemption, of a Sort

To atone for falling off the wagon yesterday, I fixed myself a very, very local salad for supper: Shower lettuce, patio cherry tomatoes, tossed with patio lemon vinaigrette made from McEvoy oil, Mill Valley wild pepper -- and some danged Diamond kosher salt.
On a lark, I dusted the top of the salad with leftover fennel pollen. It had dried out in the little dish, so I was left with gold-brown grains that still tasted good, if slightly diminished in impact.
Wow. What a great combo. Is that intelligent design? Nah, just a lucky creative impulse, though it did taste divine.
I'm going to collect a whole bunch more fennel pollen while it's in season, and dry it so I can have the taste of summer in my mouth all year.


Jamie said...

Ooh, that salad looks really good. You shouldn't feel too bad about the burrito, etc. I *cough* ate a piece of Toblerone yesterday and utterly failed to report it. It was already in my freezer pre-August, but still. :-)

Anonymous said...

When this month is over, we're all going to have to admit to our cheats. What a great read that'll be!