Monday, August 08, 2005

Lunch 8/8

I've been starving. Despite all the goodies we've consumed from Marin County, I've been omitting some of my favorite flavors. Oddly, though, today's lunch could have come strictly from Marin; the only thing on the plate that didn't is Dry Jack cheese from Spring Hill in Petaluma.
And a very satisfying lunch it was. Omelette filled with sauteed onions, minced fresh sage leaves, some of that cheese. Accompanied by a salad of sliced French Breakfast radishes (the long red kind with white tips), chopped chives, some chiffonaded radish leaves, oil and salt, topped with shavings of the cheese.
Argh! The salt! Damn. Today I used French gray sea salt -- mm, crunchy.
(So what do I miss? Bread. Bacon. Cumin. Maybe even gummi bears.)

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