Friday, August 05, 2005

Oysters Hoggefennel

They were pretty good. The chard might have been overcooked (but here's a discovery: overcooked chard tastes deep and toasty and yummy).
I was afraid to use too much fennel pollen, because it's so intense. But on these oysters, it was fairly mellow. Might even have used more. (Look for the yellow dots -- that's it. Click on the picture.)


Greg said...

Four post in one day!! Wow..Good looking food too.

cookiecrumb said...

I know. What a nut. I'm thinking of making a bumpersticker that says "If You Ain't Bloggin', You Ain't Shit" -- of course, the logical interpretation of that would be "then if you ARE blogging, you must be... uh..."

Debra said...

You can overcook chard???

Howdy from across the bay... (Hercules)

cookiecrumb said...

Howdy debra: Yeah, BH&CC broiled it a bit hot. Isn't that weird? Probably needn't have broiled it at all, since our method is to bake the oysters until the lid pops, and then rip it off. The oysters were probably fully cooked by then anyway and we could have just spooned the sauteed (unburnt) chard on and let it go at that.