Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's Blog Day

Well, for me, almost every day is blog day. But this is Blog Day 2005.
I'm going to recommend five food bloggers I think deserve your attention. I'm fortunate to have been recommended by Shauna, aka Gluten-Free Girl -- who was herself recommended by Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini, and that's practically royalty (so does that make Clotilde my fairy godmother? No? Oh well).
Jam Faced: Monkey Gland is a smart-mouthed Brit who takes fantastic photos of the rather ambitious meals he creates. He also happens to know the recipe for a Monkey Gland cocktail, and it includes Absinthe. He's kinda funny about figs (think D.H. Lawrence) and the banner of his blog is a constant work-in-progress.
BunnyFoot: Rae is a San Franciscan who describes herself as a "swegan," meaning a mostly vegan who cheats with sweets. She inspired me to make infused vodka this summer, and she's a fanatic about fermented foods (I mean, this chick makes her own tempeh!). Good writing, too.
Obachan's Kitchen & Balcony Garden: I discovered Obachan through a link on Rae's blog. Obachan lives in Japan and writes a blog in perfect English featuring some wonderful explorations of both Western and Asian foods. Imagine, just for example, a bowl of transparent, pale-aqua, mint-flavored liquid with white, egg-sized dumplings rolling around in it. Just for example.
10 Signs Like This: Jamie lives on a small (I think) farm in Georgia, but she and her significant other have dreams of relocating to Portland, OR. I find her philosophy about food to be really intelligent, and her writing is impeccable (she's a professional). We "met" through the Eat Local Challenge just this August, and I feel that I have a new friend.
Belly Timber: Mrs. D. is a true iconoclast, living on an island in the Puget Sound of Washington, with hubster Chopper David. She does a wicked Rachael Ray imitation (but don't hold that against her). She claims not to be a foodie (and if you take a look at her kitchen, you'll see why). Too much fun.


rae said...


farmgirl said...

Well, I started at 10 Signs and have been linking on from there for the past half hour! Finally remembered to come back here and leave you a comment. Better go do some chores before I investigate the others on your list that are new to me. Thanks for sharing them. So many yummy blogs, so little time! : )

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, what a nice thing to say. I'm so sorry you didn't know about 10 Signs already! You and she are practically soulmates. She's the Jamie who left the comment above yours on "Terroirist Training Camp" (about kudzu dolmades).
Have fun.

Monkey Gland said...

ahhh, shucks!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Belly Timbers' kitchen! Yikes. I thought mine was filled to the brim. I'm not a pro chef but I sometimes think of myself as one! My husband says I am the best cook he knows. Said it yesterday! I told him I wish it was professional so we could make money on it! Oh well.

Thanks for the blog suggestions. I love Chocolate & Zucchini, Tenacious Flog, Words to Eat By, Bakerina, and a few others. I read them often - a few times a week. I am a blog nut.

One day I'll learn how to blog. I already take pictures of my food and post it on the lists I'm on. I'm halfway there.


cookiecrumb said...

Well -- let's see your kitchen! Begin to blog.
Thanks for the other blog suggestions.
Oh, by the way: you do not want to try to make money by cooking. I don't and never have, and still I know you shouldn't.

mrs d said...

I totally spaced BlogDay! (Stupid evil news addiction killed two weeks of blogging for me.) Thanks for your promo. Can I hire you? :-)

Seriously though, I must point out that the kitchen photo is from our old kitchen back in Portland, and it was taken on a cleaning day. (Translation: empty the cupboards because the mice have eaten every grain in the house.)

Our new kitchen is much cleaner, but only because it is about a sixth that size. There's simply no place to leave that much clutter.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs. D: It's so cool that you finally did drop by, though! Now, make all the apologies you want for that previous kitchen, but here's an actual current shot (well, from June) of mine: