Saturday, July 02, 2005

This Is Polka-Dot Food

Just for example. Because you asked. (No, you didn't! C'mon, people, aren't you curious?)
In this case, you are looking at a ceviche made from bay scallops (the small ones) and watermelon balls, marinated in lemon and orange juice for about an hour, flecked with cilantro, chopped sweet onion and minced red jalapeƱos (I was growing some on the deck last year; they freeze beautifully) and anointed with a whisper of McEvoy olive oil. In other words, what you have is a glass full of round foodlets. Please, please click on the image for a scary large view. Gawgeous! (See also here for another example of polka-dot food.)
It's loads of fun! Whee.

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