Monday, June 13, 2005

I Get a Round

Posted by: horsecow
I Get a Round
The peas are still coming in to the farmers' market, and we're taking full advantage of them. I also found some brand-new baby Yukon Gold potatoes, so small the vendor calls them "marbles." Look at them compared with the tiny pearl onions in this dish of round, tender edibles. The dark bits are itty-bitty morels. The whole mess was gently sauteed in duck fat, my new favorite grease.
Cooking is so much fun, it's a wonder more people aren't into it. I worry that the farmers' market has become a mere curiosity for some people, an urban field trip. While beloved husband and co-cook was buying the peas, a couple of women stood next to him marveling at the odd green pods -- clearly something they'd never laid eyes on before.
"What are they?" asked one.
"Peas," said BH&CC, opening a pod to show her the contents.
"What do you do with them?" she wondered aloud.
True story.


Sam said...

maybe it's time you hit them with a pea shooter? Might wake up their brain cells!

cookiecrumb said...

On the other hand, it leaves more peas for me.

claudia said...

duck fat... hmmmmmmmm...
i never thought....

cookiecrumb said...

Claudia: Find some. Make french fries in it. Eeee.