Friday, July 01, 2005

Give Peas a Chance

Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring. Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring. Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring.
Yes, OK? We know.
Anyway, I can't believe they're still coming in, but the guys from Iacopi Farms in Half Moon Bay told me at the farmers' market the other day that they'd be selling English peas all the way through October! These are fog-belt peas, minimally irrigated and sweet and heavy.
Today we enjoyed half a sackful scrambled into fresh eggs (with duck fat, of course). It was a rather odd-looking dish (so no photo), but ethereally light and sinfully rich all at once. Sorta reminded me of my failed cookbook idea -- which I may still pursue, so no stealing my intellectual property, eh? -- of polka-dot food. I'll blog some of those recipes sometime.
For now, look at what I shelled on the sunny patio this morning.

OH! Don't forget to save the pea pods. They add a serious je-ne-sais-quoi to vegetable broth. (Hell, I know quoi it is: fragrant greenness. Essential.)
So back to the news: Sandy Baby just wants to lighten up a little. But if you want to weigh in on her replacement on the Supreme Court, go here. Thanks. Give peace a chance.

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