Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Shoot Me, All Right?

I should probably be a little embarrassed. There was Bisquick on the premises. *faceofshame* And I bought the Bisquick especially for this recipe; thank goodness it comes in small boxes.

Recipe? Did she say recipe?

Well, yes, but I just scribbled the recipe on a piece of paper from an Internet page, so does that still count? See, it was baking. Science. You gotta follow the rules. And it sounded like a lot of fun.

Inside those little muffins is a center of meat, vegetables and gravy. We had some chicken, and added peas and onions and mushrooms to it (chopped chicken, hm?). Cooked this in grease until just right, and set aside in a bowl. Stirred up a bit of gravy from the pan drippings, augmented by an absurdly wonderful, bizarre, and probably illegal Shepherd's Pie flavoring mix from a foil packet. C'mon, I was already breaking the law with the Bisquick. The road to perdition is tasty.

It's so easy. You mix two beaten eggs with half a cup of milk and half a cup of Bisquick. Stir, blend, lumps are OK.

Put a tablespoon of the batter into the bottom of six muffin pan holes, ungreased. Toss in some of the filling (not much, a tablespoon or so). Top each with another tablespoon of batter. And don't worry; this weird mess knows how to squish around in there, forming solid walls of "muffin" surrounding the filling. When you pop them out after baking for maybe half an hour at 350°F, they come out intact.

And then you eat them. Or you could save them for rewarming later, when life is too hard and you need food. We ate 'em.

The cooked dough is eggy and riddled with bubbles. A little tender, not chewy. Moist, not — well — otherwise. (We can talk about my flagrant use of the word "moist" in comments, if we must.) And those nuggets of food inside the food are such a pleasant discovery. You could make any filling of your choice: beef, tofu, all veg, just mushrooms, maybe even sweet things like fruit and jam and yogurt. I'm probably going to experiment some more.

Because the damned box of Bisquick isn't empty yet.


Kailyn said...

I am sometimes tempted by recipes like this but the. I'd have to buy some Bisquick. I've been tempted to try to figure out a dry mix that could take the place of Bisquick. I'm afraid that if I used the stuff today, I'd end up with something similar to the two times I used boxed cake mixes.

Kailyn said...

Found it.

cookiecrumb said...

Ha ha! Darling Kailyn. I knew there must be a homemade Bisquick out there on the webz. You found it! I was mostly afraid it would go stale quickly (the "real" stuff is so full of preservatives) but this sounds doable. Refrigerated, huh! Wow, thanks. And now we can all enjoy this fun concoction. xx

Zoomie said...

"The road to perdition is tasty." I just love the way you write. And BTW, anyone who says they don't have Bisquick is probably lying.

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks so much, Zoomie! I don't know how these things come to me. My brain never tells me what it's thinking, and then these words just dribble out my fingertips, almost unconsciously.
Bisquick! Kailyn and I don't regularly stock it. But did you see the homemade substitute?

Zoomie said...

Yes, I did note that one can make it at home. We don't use enough of it to bother making our own. Waffles and pancakes are only an occasional treat at our house.

Kailyn said...

I figure that if I ever make it, I'd probably cut the recipe down to what I can conceivably use in four months.
A funny thing happened when I did that month of hardcore Paleo a couple of years ago. I always knew that certain things were not that great for me and then my body let me know as much as well. I've struggled with insomnia most of my life. A friend said that Paleo keeps my glycemic level even. So while I will still eat grains, I really try to stay away from them. Same goes for processed stuff and dairy. (Dairy makes me congested which can cause sleep apnea.) It was a health choice for me. I come from a family of type two diabetics and really don't want to go down that road. My meals can be boring at times -- just meat and veg. Maybe some whole fruit. So I may go off course occasionally but it would be with homemade rather than store-bought Bisquick. Also have had more time on my hands since getting laid off last year.

cookiecrumb said...

Kailyn: Sorry about your job situation. Aren't you tutoring a lot?
Yeah, I completely agree with you about tailoring your diet to make yourself feel WELL. Best of luck.

Kailyn said...

Tons of tutoring. In fact looks like it's about to become my full time job.

cookiecrumb said...

K: That's remarkable. Doing something you love, and you're good at it.

Greg said...

The world runs on guilt me thinks. Set your self free. I have a couple boxes of Jiffy mix in the pantry and am darn proud of it! I salute your independence and long for one of those biscuits.