Friday, March 02, 2012

Not Quite Bowled Over

Trust me, there is not any interesting food going on chez nous. We rely on old reliables for sustenance and nutrition, with the occasional chips'n'dip frenzy. There are dark vegetables, beans, rice. It's healthy but ugly.
Thus the tedium with the food blog world. All of a sudden I'm noticing people putting together interesting combinations, dietarily conscientious, in chunks, and usually in a bowl.
We have reinvented bowl food. Yours looks like mine, and I'd like to give your flavors a try. Easy, comforting, yet still homemade. You can even freeze them for later.
Hence, my boredom. Everything you are turning out could have been invented by me, and vice versa. I'm stunned by your use of good ingredients, for the most part. I try my best as well. But, see, there's nothing new here.
We're all just doing the same creative dance in the kitchen, with kale or spinach and garbanzos or lentils and radishes or turnips and hard-cooked eggs or cheese and herbs and a light dressing (we will call this a salad; seems lighter). Ennui in a bowl.
We are in a rut. Creatively. No complaining, though, because the ideas have usually been good. But I don't really need more ideas. I get it: You put some lovely food in a bowl and flavor it.
I can't wait for spring to really begin, so I don't crave comfort food in a bowl.
Let's see, what kind of bowl meals are going to appeal to me in another month? Yeah, 'cause... I'll still be cooking this way, bored, well fed, and keeping it a secret from you.


cookiecrumb said...


Cheryl Czekala said...


Cheryl Czekala said...

Truly. I hate to have my hate button pressed!

cookiecrumb said...

Cheryl: I have one of those. It can really kill an appetite. Then you're on potato chips and chicken noodle soup for a few days! ;)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ennui in a bowl - Very Neville :(

Little Pots & Pans Co. said...

I hear you, my SO is threatening to leave me if he sees another leaf of kale on the plate this season! C'mon asparagus and snow peas! I've been on a mushroom jag trying to offset the leafy greens... oh, and I've been trying my hand at homemade Indian food (good use of lentils & chickpeas) since we're woefully lacking in good eat out options of it.

Zoomie said...

It's like trying to write a novel when I know what I want to say has already been said by better writers. And I'm happy re-reading their words.

I've gone even a step farther than you - I don't even flavor those good ingredients. For the most part, they don't need anything but their superior selves.

I'm not bored, but I think my readers are.

Greg said...

I think your bowl of food is quite handsome.Don't get me started on RL.The short list. Moron, brain rotted, oxycodone slut.;)

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: Sad? I try to be brutally honest and hope it comes out funny. Laugh! :D

Little Pots: We did a land office business in mushrooms this year. Love them, and they will sail merrily through spring. Chin up!

Zoomie: Ha ha. To be honest, we usually don't flavor either. Don't need to. (Now I think I have to *invent* the finest meal, easy and beautiful. Working, working.)

Greg: To add to your list, Viagra! Horrors.

kudzu said...

I'm blaming it on the time of year. Boorrrrriiing. Did work a bit of spring into the mix last week with some skinny asparagus which tasted almost wild to me after winter roots and tubers. It's prohibitively expensive, of course, but I pretended I was buying a steak.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: OK, I have to believe that's true. Though I sure am getting my kicks in the sunshine in the backyard.
We have asparagus in the fridge. I'd rather have it than a steak! Got a bunch of hoo-hoo ideas, ready for me to jump on.
Happy spring-to-be, girl.

breeamal said...

Plates are exhausting.

cookiecrumb said...

Breeamal: Yow! Your comment is poetic, a koan, a strange dream.
It is also very true, and very, very funny. Thanks.

namastenancy said...

Let us not into the convergence of true foodies admit the word "boring." There may be blah days, there may be bowls of kale and greens that those who are not true foodies find uninspiring.
But I'm not bored and if I'm not bored, all's right with the world.

cookiecrumb said...

Nancy: I didn't express myself well, but it seems to me people are in a huge panic of inventing bowl recipes, and after a while, they all sound alike. (And some of this creativity is NOT well thought out.)